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I picked this up yesterday, cheap enough. It is a (per the metal tag) "114 US Gallon" propane tank. I don't think it would hold 55 gallons. But whatever.
I'm going to cut it, weld it, grind it, burn it out, paint it, and smoke some Q in it. Name it PORKY.
A local propane company has one of these sitting in a row of scrap tanks. It is pink and has ears and a snout welded on one end and a curly tail on the other. They will not sell scrap tanks to the public because of the nanny state.
The one I bought is a better deal anyway. It was used as an air tank. No propane to deal with. And don't get me started about "the pores in the metal" crap. PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
More pics later as I get time to work on it.
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Huh? You mean 'cause of some lawsuit or some such crap?
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Afraid someone will blow themselves, or something else, up.
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Ahhh, and not on purpose I take it. ;{)
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Mike good find. That thng will look real neat when you are done I am sure.

I am kinda working on something smiliar as well. Through my old contacts at the gas company I have obtained a 325 water gallon tank and at 100# (23.5 gallon) cylinder for use in making a smoker. I also have a trailer as well. The guy helping me ,is out of commision for a bit dealing with cancer and should be able to get back to it in a couple months.

goodluck with your build.
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I am sure that you are aware of an explosive atmosphere that can be present inside that tank.

The Compressor that put all that compressed air in there for storage has passed along some lubricating oils also.icon_cry.gif

Just be careful my friendsmile.gif
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Oh yeah, I AM aware. We repaired a BUNCH of cracked and damaged fuel tanks on locomotives during my 36 years of professional railroading. Most that can be in this tank might be a little oil accumulation from the compressor. I'll fill it and drain it before the plasma cutter hits it. wink.gif
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I scraped all the paint off the tag. This tank was made by Pacific Iron & Foundry in Los Angeles in..................... 1947!!!
60 years old!
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Nice find can't wait to see the finished product and th q-view to come!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Put some fins on that thing and it would look alot like one of the first atomic bombs! You could open a new business and call it "Atomic Bar B Q" or how about "Atomic Porker"!icon_lol.gif See, always thinking ahead, eeh!

That looks like quite the find!
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