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I smoked chicken as osu got smoked...

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Poor poor poor osu how many chances at national championships have they lost now? (Go Gators!!!)

Well I got home and started to prepare the chicken I had purchased. Gave it a slathering of mayo and mustard. Once that was accomplished I also coated it with a good rub.

Into the smoker it went along with an onion that had been peeled and both ends trimmed. I loosely wrapped it with foil and then put Soy Sauce and butter on top. It was able to absorb a small amount of smoke flavor.

Once the food was in the smoker I chopped some cabbage and made a dressing for it. (Vinegar base)
I also reheated some smoked beans along with the leftover smoked beef from earlier in the week. Here you see the beef/beans in the front and the cole slaw dressing in the back. dressing was a cup apple cider vinegar, cup sugar, mustard powder, and celery seeds.

Once the dressing cooled I dressed the cole slaw. With the cabbage is sliced red onion, green peppers and Jalapenos.

Midway through the smoke its all coming together.

The finished product. I tested the leg for doneness and it pulled free easily. It was tasty as well.

The onion was nice and tender. Just a lil crunch left. The sauce was very tasty as well.

The plated food ready to eat!

Definitely a great meal made even better by the loss osu suffered.
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Vlap, was wondering if you had seen the new Ohio State Helmet logo??

icon_mrgreen.gif Go Gators
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LOL!!! Sounds like you had a great evening Vlap!

Your feast looks awesome!! (as usual)
Great pictures and congrats on your team winning.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I see your using your Rival smoker again Valap,they're kind of handy smokers.
I bought one about a month ago and that's all I've used since I bought it.
I may go the Masterbuilt later but I'm having fun with the Rival for now.
All your pictures are making me hungry,nice job.
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This is the third time I have used it since I got it around new years. Its a very handy smoker. Definitely deserves a bit of respect. The amount of food you can get into it with its 2 tiered rack is respectable.
I am very happy with this purchase. It will also make an appearance at the next florida smoke out.icon_smile.gif
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Nice job Vlap. How's the KC Rival doing? I tracked one down and going to pick it up this weekend.
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Each smoke has gotten progressively better as I learn to use it. It is well worth the money.
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Vlap, congrats on making a great choice on that smoker, you're putting out some good lookin' Q! Good to see you smokin' again my friend.
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It is nice to be able to contribute to the smoking part of this forum. We will see what this little smoker can do.
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vlap.....nice smoke.........what was the sauce on the onion...........when i first looked at it, thought it was a creme brule'(sp....spell check couldn't figure this one out...hehehe)
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Just a little butter and soy sauce.
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