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GOSM - differences

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Hey gang...

Found the site by accident, but I am glad I made it here.

I've been smoking for a while, using a Weber Smokey Mountain bullet but want to get something easier to regulate the temp with. Only cooking for 2 and occasional company.

So, I found the GOSM models. But, after reading the forum, I'm a bit confused. I see reference to a wide body and a big block.

I searched Amazon, Walmart, etc. and I see reference to 3405, 3605BG, and even a deluxe model. But, some have wide body in their titles but no model numbers to cross reference to. So, I have no idea which one is which.

Can anyone help me out? I'm thinking of getting the larger one, as I'm sure I'll use the extra space. I just noticed it went from $185 to $225 on Amazon. Not sure why, as it's still out of stock, but still quite a shocker.

I think they are found at Home Depot & Walmart cheaper, but I don't know if it's the same models.

Anyway, any of you GOSM guru's feel like helping a GOSM-newbie out?

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Welcome to the site. You should head over to roll call and introduce yourself there. But as for the GOSM. I know walmart sells two different sizes. One is narrower then the other one. The bigger one they call it a wide body. On walmarts wed site they are like $99 and $135 or right around there. I know you can order it on their wed site and have it shipped to a walmart store near you for free and pick it up at the store. Other then their size difference they are basicly the same. You can also find them at Cabelia's and bass pro. You can get them made from stainless steel. But if you looking for the cheapest price then that will more then likely be at walmart, unless someone has one on sale or on clearence.

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the big block......or the wide body, are one and the same i believe.......its 34 inches WIDE..........

more space and room......(i know....one and the same).......
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Home Depot carries the Big Block known as the 3605BGD for $189 + shipping, Amazon has the same price but can't keep enough of them in stock. The wide body 3405BGW is a little shorter as it is 20"W x 14"D x 34H", and The big block is 36" x 24" x14" from most vendors, also a little difference in BTU's, the big block has around 18,00 BTU's and the wide body about 15,00 BTU's, this is an average among vendors.. I agree that it is confusing between vendors sizes/models. Just make sure you compare dimensions along with model numbers as you shop. Good luck my fellow smoker!
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Welcome to da club!
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Hey everyone...

thanks for the help!!
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