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My "Machines"

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People seem interested in seeing your smokers, I admit I like lookin too biggrin.gif
Here are mine, hope they show.

Attachment 7239
The Brinkman with a 10 pound steelhead in it, I am gonna wear this thing out with the help of this site wink.gif

Attachment 7240
My cannon rotisserie with a 3 pound shoulder rollin around . Makes the outside taste like bacon! Does a mean chickin too. Yet to try a beef rib roast, but plan to.

I also have a webber kettle...mostly for steaks and chicken or ribs and such.
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Hey that cannon rotisserie looks pretty cool. Does it smoke also?
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I wore out 3 ECB's before I even found this site. icon_confused.gif Not a bad thing the smoke just has gotten better, enjoy.
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hehe fritz......me also..........and i STILL use em........specially if i don't have enuff meat to fill up the horz.
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It is kinda small, to cook low and slow I have to add coals as I go along. I never tried smoking on it. I just use it for the rotisserie. Cooking times vary with the piece of meat.
Only chicks and butts under about 5 pounds so far. My wife loves the pork roasts from it, so I got that going for me!
My kettle and brinkman do the smokin.
BTW any manufacturers out there, I bet there is a market for these things. Everyone likes it. It is over 40 years old, used to be my G-pa's and I inherited it. But I'd make it a bit bigger.
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Great looking cannon, I've never seen one quite like it.smile.gif
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Cool lookin cannon.
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Cool looking cannon cooker. There you go you can market it under the name "Cannon Cooker- it will put a bang in your bird" . Lol. I couldn't resist.

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