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What's up with the spam in a pm

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I was spammed from member 'Jeanette', probably a phony member?
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Just got a PM from that same person that was definately spam!
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I'll forward mine to a mod if you guys have not. They'll zap the account.
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I got it to and I was expecting a PM from a member here and when I saw that I had a message I thought it was from himbut it was from her.PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif
When I first got on today I saw that she was on but waited to see if anyone else got the same message.
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Isent mine to the mods... she'll be gone soon :{)
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Was it from "Jeannette"?
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Spam in PM

Yes I got it too and it was Jeanette...
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She sound's hot!!!PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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i received one from jeannete also, but deleted it.
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The situation has been corrected. If you receive any more SPAM via email or private message please notify a moderator and then delete it.
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She sounded like a nice buddhist lady. I couldn't believe I got a PM on my first day on the board.
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SPAMMERS can be very creative. They know that posts will be shut down quickly, so every once in a while they will resort to using the mail / message systems.

As Ron stated if anyone receives any message that is unwanted - SPAM or otherwise - please forward that message along with your comments to any moderator or the site Administrator.

Just in case you're not familiar with the moderator names:

Dutch, Monty, Ron50, PigCicles. TulsaJeff is the forum owner / administrator.

As soon as someone receives the message they will promptly take care of the problem.

Keep Smokin
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Same BS here on my PM from the same person. I thought it was Sunday morning on the local channel...
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crap, i feel slighted, i didn't get one.........crap

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Got it too!

But most sites don't allow a member to PM more the 3 per hour and there has to be a 5 min. wait between PM's. Why don't we have that here?
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Thanks for staying on top if it Ron, great job.
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got the same unsolicited spam...annoying to say the least...
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me to thanks for for staying on top of things
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