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Butterball Turkey Roast?

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My aunt wants me to smoke her a " butterball turkey roast." Ive never done one of these. Its 3 pounds and I'm not at all sure what it will look like inside the yellow rapper. Should i still brine it for a few hours? Anyone ever done one of these bad boys?
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Skinner , I've never done one of those , butt I know Bball turkey is injected already with vegetable oil , so I don't think IMHO that brining is needed or going to make much of a diff .
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Not sure if this is the case here but I'm not fond of the "turkey roast" i've tried. It appears as if it's a boneless breast but it's more along the lines of a hodgepodge of compressed dark meat. I'd go the boneless breast route. The "roast" I tried was texturally horrific. Rubbery, greasy and damn near organ-y.
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Is this like a football ham or do you know? Except for being turkey if it is you will only need to heat it and I would do so at @ 225-250 coverered in bacon and spritz ocassionally!!!!!!!!!!!
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FWIW I have done one before. I put a cajun rub on it and smoked it lightly. I ran it through the slicer and it worked for lunch meat.........I tried some thick sliced........and well.......the texture was kind of a turn off, but thinly sliced/shaved was good.......but not great. My mother in law wanted it......so what the heck.....not something I would just do for my own enjoyment.
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Thanks all. Like i said its not for me, a relative of mine had it in her fridge and wants to do something with it so she asked me to smoke it. I didnt know however the butterballs were injected?! Thats a new one on me. I dont think i'll brine either. Im thinking Salt, cbp, a little onion and garlic powder. Keep it simple and see how it turns out. What temp do you think i should take it off at? Thanks a lot.
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If it is one of those precooked one, stop at 150...........if it is not , then 160-165.
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