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Summer Sausage Casings?

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What kind of casings do you Like?

After the meat is in the casings how does the smoke penetrate the casings to get the smoke flavor into the meat? I will be using a Charcoal smoker to cook this next batch of sausage with the cheese question I had earlier.

Also salmonclubber mentioned something about special meat binder from butcher packer What does this do for your summer sausage.

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You can use either flat collagen casings or synthetic fibrous casongs. They come in several different sizes.
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What Is the pro's and con's to either of them?
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I like the 3 inch thick synthetic casings. I typically never apply smoke for longer than 4 hours. I don't think it will hurt anything to go longer, but I haven't noticed any sagnificant difference in taste so IMO it's just a waste of wood. One little trick I've learned is to apply smoke after the sausage reaches an internal temp of 90 degrees. This insures that the outside of the casing is good and dry. If the casing is still wet the smoke will not penetrate well.

I don't use a binder with Summer Sausage and have had good results without it. However I do use Soy Protien when making smoked link sausage. Works good. It retains moisture, binds meat and keeps the sausage from losing as much weight after cooked.

Disclaimer: I am do NOT consider myself a sausage expert by any means. But, i have trialed and errored enough to feel confident in making sausage. It sounds like you are getting started with summer sausage and you've already tackled the hardest step.......................Just doing it.

Have fun with it!
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I have done it before just not on a smoker. It turns out ok in the oven but everything taste better if it is smoked
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the special meat binder keep the sausage moist helps keep the sausage from drying out i used it in my last batch of summer sausage it worked great
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I personally like the 1 1/2" X 12" casings. Ends up being about 1 3/4" to 1 7/8" when stuffed. They hold a pound or a little less and the size is just right for slicing to put on a cracker.
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I cut it into 3 pieces and gave it to friends.
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