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Danger Zone???

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I know you are not supposed to smoke a turkey that weighs more than 12 pounds. But is it okay to smoke two 12 pound turkeys at the same time? I guess my real question is does it take more time to smoke 2 - 10 pound turkeys than it does 1 - 10 pound turkey?

I hope that made sense...
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I'd say slightly more time. And Don't be shy with temps... 275 is what I hear is a min. with turkey. Take the smoker to 300° and then put the birds'll drop a bit after.
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I agree with Richtee on the big bird thing.
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Yeah, what Rich might take a little more time, but not much. One thing you might notice is more fuel being used to hold the temps up since you have more cold mass in there.
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Sorry Rich, but I disagree w/temps. I smoke'm at 225, 225 is grate temp. I've done them fast(and chix) and I've done them slow(225). A brine and a slow smoke while controll'n smoke(I have a pellet smoker, can't really control that) is the way to go. Skin won't be crisp, though, but I've never bought poultry think'n "man, that skin looks good".

The skin is for the first dog, second dog doesn't have to work so hard.

Just some BS from me again, but it is what I believe.......right now anyway. Comon Rich, prove me wrong, I want to learn as well as everyone else. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gificon_smile.gif
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No provin' wrong Al..I'm a crispy skin fan. And for big birds, of which 10 lbs ain't... it's safer at the elevated temps. Brining does buy ya time in the 'zone" however. He never mentioned brining, did he? Hmmm best go look...
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I'm wanting more Rich. Crispy skin can be made at the end.

I'm play'n the devil, here. and want'n to learn. My pellet smoker is different than most, but a slow cook hasn't sent me to the toilet......yet PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif . I've read other places to up the temp, I dissagree and want your opinion Rich. We may both be right, and I will admit that it is safer to get from 40-140 asap, but I think people worry too much. Long story, I just want you to try and convince me to up the temps, thats all. I enjoy this right here. I have a big smile and I love to debate, anyone.

Give it to me Rich! icon_lol.gifPDT_Armataz_01_29.gif

No, he didn't say brine, don't ask me why I brought that up.
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I'll vote for it being personal preference.

I am a high temp poultry guy, but have to admit that I have eaten some damn good low temp stuff also. For my style, skill level, preference, what ever it is........high temp comes out better.
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well......imho.......brining will give a moister quarters i did low and slow........but my bird i did for turkey day, i did high heat with the mayo was STILL rubbery........but the bird itself was to die for..........i don't really have a grill to handily crisp up the skin.........i have a gasser........but the grill part hasn't been used in several years......i just use the upright smoker part for jerky, beans.....corn......whatever i coulnd't fit into the i got my horz. unit.....won't have that to worry about anymore
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oook I promised and I deliver- between the second and third period of the Wings game.

Assume a BIG bird...18+ And that BIG old air pocket inside. The grill side of the bird has fat/juice to help heat transfer. The top side of the bird has a slightly higher temp. BUT... the top INSIDE of the bird has an insulator from the heat <air pocket> from below, and only the meat itself to transfer heat to it from the top.

Therefore it heats up VERY slowly there. So slow in a large bird at low temps to possibly be a problem.

Devil's advocate is the term, and I can play it too. Plus..I like my crispy skin!

On Edit: Wings WIN yet again :{)
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