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Summer Sausage and Cheese?

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How does one get the cheese in the middle of the summer sausage before it is smoked?

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Mix the cheese in just before you stuff the summer sausage.
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Also, they make a special Hi melt temp cheese- I used it last batch of venison/pork sausage, and it maintained it's chunk form pretty well...
Butcher-packer has it, among others I'm sure.
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It is that easy? WOW How about how much chesse per say a 3lb log would one recommend?
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Hmmm I'd go with maybe a half to 3/4 cup or so of small cubes. But consider the higher melt temp stuff, and as soon as that puppy hits the 152 or whatever finish tempis COOL IT FAST.
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Great Thanks for the info. Off to find some high temp cheese and order for this weekend. WOOT
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Hey sdeters69, are you a World of Warcrafter? Just curious... that is the only place I've ever seen WOOT used. Ha ha!
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Nope not a wow fan I am Halo3 fan lol
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I go with 1.25 oz of hi temp cheese per pound of meat. This works well for me.
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Got a question. Has anyone found a local source for high tep cheese? The only sources I know of are mail order.

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Just about any Buthcher Shop will have it along with all things Sausage.
They have no problem selling it and its not very expensive.
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