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I get the drift :)
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B I N G O PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Joe.......the one on the left sure does look good........but MAN, you sure know how to create creosote on the left one huh?...icon_cool.gifrolleyes.gif
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Dude, you said left twice.......and just for the record, those aren't my smokers.

Here is mine.

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I have smoked butts with just hickory allot. I always do the hams that way. Like metioned before, by the time you mix it all up it evens out really well!
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thanks! my confidence level is rising as we speak!
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sorry joe.........i guess i am just "LEFT" handed.............hehehe
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Again...welcome to SMF ;{)
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I just assumed that you were standing on the other side of the smokers for your first comment then moved around to the other side for the second part. LOL

And yeah, welcome to the forum.
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I've never heard of hickory being over powering. I use it every time. Now mesquite is another story, you have to watch out on that one. When I lived in TX. that's all they use, I guess you aguire a tatse for it. But it will over power the meat. I don'tthink you can mess up a butt, as long as you watch the tempetures.(smoker & internal temp. of the meat). Show me the PORK!!!
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Goodluck with your smoke. Looks like you already gotten some great advice. I am sure it will turn out fine. Remember Q-view.
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I buy all my butts, ribs and chuck in large amounts in the cryovacks and My butcher says they are good for 3-5 weeks from the time they get them. I am lucky enough to be able to sort through the cases of meat to get what I want, and he cuts the cardboard cases open for me, so I know they are faily fresh. I don't get any meat from walmart, and very few cuts from sams, usually just ribs from there. I have never had a problem with the meats I have kept in Cryo for over 3 weeks.Just make sure they are sealed. Now when you cut them open, I would recomend that you use the meat within a couple of days. Anyways, for what its worth, just my input.
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