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My Boys

Here is a picture of John "the HOUND" Williams here at the house in Ohio, he's my best buddy!

Here is a Picture of "Snowy" with Frank his pig (dinner) I mean friend at my house in the Philippines.

Here is a picture of Frank just before Snowy eats some Q. See my avatar for finished Q-view of Frank.

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That is one awesome looking dog!
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This is Tina relaxing on the back lawn.

She is (according to the Humane Society where we got her from) a Border Collie/Dalmation mix. She is a very gentle dog and very protective of our two children. She runs like the wind but is only good for short bursts -- then it is nap time.

She is my shadow when the smoker is lit.

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Knuckles. 7 year old Jack Russell

Sticks the 10 week old ????
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Gaaads, if I posted a picture of the beagle (Blaze) and the Chocalate Lab (Guinip) the animal control would know who to look for. the reward posters are up but no photo with them..
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My babies.
The blue pup is only 3 months here.
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Here's our little guy. His name is Kotah. Short for Dakota because we like Sturgis SD so much. He's a 130 lb lab. Loves to hunt and jump in and eat the goldfish in our pond.

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My two are Bull (now 2 years old)

and Gracie (3 years old)

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Here are the 12 paws that keep me busy. The first 3 are my Brittany Sadie, one from a hunting trip and the other two are her palying fetch with snowballs. The next is my wifes Brittany Zeb, and the last is our German Shorthair, pepper.
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here is keena, she is a siberian huskie and loves the snow!!!

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My big boy

Winston (aka) Big Boy

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How did I miss this thread??

Welp here is the rest of our BBQ team, can't leave home without emwink.gif

Attachment 9313

LEVI THE YELLOW LAB, Looks black and white to me.
Attachment 9314
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Heres our little girl Brook

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This is our dog Jake !!!!!

This is our dog Jake at one of our training holes on the Sacramento river CA !!!!!

I have trained 4 Labs in my years.......Jake is top dog by far,It was like he was training me !

Heres my buddy Jake.

Watching the sky for geese on a cold morning in the marsh.

in the duck blind on a slow day ..........so I thought i would torment Jake.............LOL !!!!!

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My boy Johnny

Johnny is my boy. He is a 9 month old border terrier, not border collie. He is the guy in my avatar. Below you see him sleeping during our first fishing trip together. Also the second picture is him obediently staying for a photo op in front of the new gosm.


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Here is my Keeshound, Tasha. She's a great dog! Always the first one out to the grill and the last one to leave it too.

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this my dog Lucky..part lab/pit mix...he's a good doogy yes he is

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Crackers....short for Firecracker as he was born on July 4th.....fits him perfect......
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Kenny, he'll be 4 this September
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