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This is Taz of rickandtaz. He's been my smoking, grilling, and beer drinking buddy for over 13 years now. He adopted me at the local Animal Shelter. The 3X5 index card on that litter of puppies said "Shepard, Collie, Pit, ?????? He's been the best friend you could imagine. This pic was taken during a recent family birthday get together. He's waiting to lick the icing off some one's plate.
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This is Roxy at about 6 months, it's my bosses dog, but I always take her home when he goes out of town. It's a trip watching this dog and my cat play together, it's like two small kids tearing up the house. smile.gif

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I have pretty much owned this dog since 1990biggrin.gif.. disclaimer: i know the humor has gone down hill lately here.. This is meant to be funny...Sorry if i offended any1 ...biggrin.gif

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Our boy Quentin.

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This is Gus after eating BBQ.

This is Gus with an attitude.

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Two small ponies that claim they are dogs.....

Here our are two boys. Sammy the Black Lab/Great Dane is 125 lbs. and can rest his chin on the counter without streaching. Tank is the St. Bernard/Bullmastiff mix and tips the scales at 165 lbs. Both are spoiled rotten, and think they are lap dogs... lol. biggrin.gif

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