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Another post

I know that I have posted a picture of my Johnny already. I did get a couple more pix the other day that I thought were hilarious. When he gets about halfway with his snack he appears to be smoking a cigar. I just had to share.

10 Month old Johnny, already smoking stoggies.

"I likes me a good cigar, after some of those brisket trimmins."

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Greyson, turned 2 in March and he's still all puppy!
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here is my buddy, he is 4, and a cocker spaniel, his name is wyatt montgomery
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This is Diesel.

He is a 170# Shepard/Rutweiler. His side is shaved because of an accident resulting in stitches.

He's always out hunting down something on the farm. That's how he ended up w/ stitches!
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Yep, go figure my cat loves to bathe!


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Don't look very happy in that getup!
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Lots of new members so I thought I would bump this post with a couple of new pics of my pups.

Come on all newbies, show off your favorite pics of your pets.
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Here is one of our girl, Abby, a Chocolate Lab. In this picture, she is 5 months & 45 lbs. I think she will top out at 80. We'll see.

Also, I can't keep my son away long enough to get a picture of her by herself, but that's a good thing!

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Nice dogs everyone. Here is my best friend Pita ( Pain In The Axx), the wife named hericon_rolleyes.gif any way, I found her abandond at a road side park in Woodville Texas coming back from Toledo Bend.

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Here is our 4.
We just added another English Bulldog to the clan.

Left to right its Niko, Jasmine(Jazz), Roo and Smudgie.
Our new EBD is named Gordo.

What a crew!

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these guys are in my avatar. Priest (on the left) and Loki. Loki is a gordon setter and Priest is a boxer/lab. Loki is 10, Priest is 8. We just had one of Loki's toes amputated. It had a very large tumor and was causing him quite a bit of pain. He is almost back to his old self again!

This is Taco. She is a mix of ???? and about 7. She is high strung!
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This i s my three trouble makers.
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Here is our new little gal, she is about 9 weeks and pure Heinz 57! So she sits, shakes, was house broke out 6.5 weeks and rings a bell when she needs/wants to go outside. Pretty impressed with the little girl.

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This here is Carmen. I inherited her with my relationship and we've been hanging out for several years now as she gets on in age. She's an Italian Greyhound (essentailly a wannabe dog--that's the cat food bowl she's eating out of there) but somehow or another she's got a soft spot in my heart even though I've never been a little dog kind of guy--probably because she's happy to see me every time I walk in the door. That's why we all love dogs, right? We call her "rattie" as a nick name.

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great pic there PacNWSteve....rarely do I see others with IGs.
Here are the pics of my 2 kids.

Italian Greyhounds as well-



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We don't really own any dog's We live in a house occupied by 3 of the most spoiled Great Danes you can imagine. Clide is the big face I use as my avatar, Shadow is the black girl and Aspen is the Black and White mix breed that puts up with the other two, he is the oldest.
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More of my Wife's dogs than mine. She calls them the BBC short for Blonde Boys Club. The Cocker is 13 and plays like a pup still and the Doxie is about 18 months to 2 years. They are both pound rescues!

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Here are our boys....
Cooper (3yr old choc lab):

and Rocky (10yr old mutt):

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