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Show your dog

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I saw the thread of show yourself, and as many dog lovers as it looks like there are here I thought maybe we could show pics of those loyal four legged friends that stick by our sides through thick and thin.

This is my new English Setter named Laci, I got her a month ago after having to have my 2 1/2 ya old Golden put down for a osteo sarcoma(sp). Laci goes everywhere with me including work, give her a few months and I ill start her bird training.

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HEEEEEERRREES SMOKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What would this be? D-View?

Anyway, here's my gal. Bout 12 now, and from Thailand. In Thailand and Vietnam they'd be used as boar hunters and oddly they fish in rivers (she likes a salmon more than a steak. Always fun to take her fishing.)

I don't hunt (never really had the opportunity to learn, so she's more of my hiking companion.)

She does have a keen eye. Oddly, I've found she picks snakes out regularly. I'm not sure if being a breed from SE Asia, they have to stay more alert to them. Here she found a turtle

And lastly, not being impresed at all by the Grand Canyon
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Here's my dog...NO he isn't a German shepherd - dachshund mix, he's a welsh corgi of the Pembroke variety. Cardigans have tails. He doesn't do much except attack dust motes and snowflakes.

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What beautiful dogs!

I have border collies for working cattle, horses and even pigs. This one was my absolute favorite....

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dogs arn't the only loyal four legged friends,lol. sorry just had to do thisicon_cool.gif
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icon_redface.gifSorry minn.bill, almost included cats in the intro but opted not to. Wrong decision. Let me ammend to include all those furry, scaled and or winged (sorry if I left anybody out) friends that make our lives special
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whoa evil glowey eyed kitty! icon_twisted.gif
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Our 11 year old cocker spaniel.

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i like the kitty on the left very much

hey both my puppy and kitty love when i come in smelling like smoke..lol


Smoke (not smokey like pic says..lol)

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Here's my two cats and some of my fish tanks. (one of three tanks)
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What else, but Rat Dogs. A Jack Russell Terrier and a Decker Giant Rat Terrier.
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trying to enter pics of youngest sons dog but photo bucket is down for site maintenance. One mothe older than Laci, English pointer (Madi), both keep eachother busy so they are worn out by the time they come inside in the evening. Got the pointer and the setter about 3 days apart, working them together for hunting. Son is SR in high school and still @ home so pointer will stay with me once he goes to college) Will try again w/pics later.

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This one is Linus


Max and Mindy
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Joey 7 year old cat, Hank the 7 year old mutt, and Pedro the 1 year old Chihuahua
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here is frank 10yrs. and Chilli 9mo. good thing this wasn't show your pets!
There is a 10 pic limit!

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here's tucker

my fishing buddy

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Bucket running this morning, so here are the pics of the pointer Madi

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Ok here's my little baby
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This is Sadie, she is a rescue pup from the local SPCA. She is probably the most spoiled rotten pit bull you will ever see.
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