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December dinner party

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Had one small brisket, two pork loins and two fatties. One guest said they were upset with their mother.....not sure why.
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Thanks, needed more room so went off to ACE they got everything you need (almost). Just so noone wonders....all hardware is stainless steel.
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Good looking grub you got there.
They were mad at their mother for never making them fatties . Or maybe for not teaching them to cook as goodicon_mrgreen.gificon_mrgreen.gificon_mrgreen.gif .
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Yea, what DS said!
Good looking grub.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good Job

Good lookin grub Goose. Makes me want to get another brisket smoked !!!!!!!!!!!
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Are those I bolts and washers holding up the top grate?
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It's a 3 ft length of threaded steel rod that ACE cut for me about 7 inches. I used 1/4 in nuts and washers to attach to the bottom grate and added just a nut and washer to hold up the top grate. I later added another nut to make is a little more steady. The reason for making the threaded rod a little bigger is that they can still be adjusted if I only have spares on or made bigger if I want to add a brisket or butt.
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Good job, looks great.
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Good looking Q on that Weber, and congrats on the mods. You're a handyman and a creative one too!
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Thanks for the info. That gives me an idea of something to do for my Webers. I have a 22.5", and 18", and a 14". I may put together a system like that where I can make use of all of the grates. It'd be great to be able to pack a lot of chops or country style into the 22.5" when cooking for a large group.
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Another option to try is a restaurant supply store and ask for a round 18" steamer stand. I went to one locally and picked one up for about $11 and will work about the same, except you will not have the ability to change the height.
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Thanks. I recently learned of such a store in my area and will be checking it out soon.
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Looks good gooose!
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