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Hello Michiganders Wanna Have A Smoker

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As A Michigander Myself And With No Ability To Head Down South For The Smf Smoker..perhaps We As Michiganders Can Come Up With Our Own Smoker..we Must Have 20 Members At Least ..find Somewhere Within A 100 Mile Area To Drive To..and Lets Smoke Some Good Grub.. Or Grill ,steam And Make New Friends..lets Meet Our Neighbors ..i Volinteer Myself To Find A Location.. Perhaps A Campground..with All Thats Needed..will Accept Any Other Ideas.. I Invite All Who Are Looking At The Later Part Of June..please Reply..mike
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There might be some in Michigan who are planning to attend the 2nd Annual SMF Smokin' Roundup on Truman Lake in June.
If you do this you should wait to set a date until you know the dates of the Roundup so it does not conflict.
Other than that - go for it!

And I drove from Peculiar, MO to Ada, MI (702 mi.) in a day of easy driving. I'm 61. What keeps folks up there from driving down here??? Good road all the way. Chicago area traffic sucks. But what the hey? Schedule some vacation and "come on down".
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Hi Mike..

Mike I Am No Im Trying To Interfear With Smf Plans.. 700 Miles To Me Thats 2 Days Driving ..its A Shame We All Cannot Get The Time Off We Need To Go To These Types Of Planned Events..if You Plann To Hold Your Event In Late June..hers What I Have To Do..schedule 2 Days Driving..there..and I Dont Know Where Truman Lake Is For Starts ..but Thats Not The Problem.. Ok I Get There On Thursday Night..sleeeeeeeep Wake Up Fri Morn ..ok Ready To Smoke..grill Etc..i Have To Break Up My Vacation Because I Cant Get The Whole Next Week Not Making Excuses Here ..but Looking At The Time Off Thoughts Are For The People Who Live Here..100 Miles..a Half Day Drive..a Weekend Friday Sat And Sunday Go 2 Day Major Planning..very Simple..
Mike I Would Love To Come To The Smf Smoker..but You Need To Put The Dates Up Now!! Im Serious..we As Michiganders If We Can Get The Time Off Will Carpool Etc..but We Have To Have Known Before Cannot Plan By Wire On Events.. Maybe You Already Have A Post On This..i Missed It Sorry.. Im Just Thinking About Our Michiganders.. Im Going To Check Your Posts Just To See..ok Got The June Going To Leave This To The Folks Here In Michigan.... For Me To Go To This Event I Will Spend 3 1/2 Days Of Vacation Driving..back And Forth..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Ya A Headach For Me As Well...would Love To Meet As Many Smf Folk As I Canguess Its Up To The Michiganders What Do They Want..mike
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Hey, I understand. Just did not want conflict with the Official SMF Gathering.
Like I said, bet there are some Michigan folks there. wink.gif
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Mike If Theres Is

If There Is Any Way I Can Attend This Event I Will Be There..god I Have Posted So Many Conflictual Posts..maybe Its Time For Me To Shut Up And Show..and If I Get There I Will..i Will Accept Any Untill They Choose What I Offer To Eat.. But Remember Always Good Food Is In Our Own Taste Buds..but There Are Alot Of Others To Please As Well..mike
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Dont Want This Thread To Be Compermised..if Your Michaganders Are Interested Let Me Know..mike
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Hmmmmm. Well, I'd have to have a buddy cause roadtrips require barstops. But yeah COULD be a day. gonna talk to bro. But if I come you coming to the Beast's inaugral? ;{)
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Hello Michigan Smokers..

So Far Only Response Is From This Something We Can Do??..good Company Good Times.camping I Assume Right Now ..looking To See Whos Interested.....hello Michiganders.......mike
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Sorry i cn't plan anything right now, look's like a lot of comp's this year. between that and catering, look's the summer is about shot!!PDT_Armataz_01_20.gif
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