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GOSM Owners....Help please

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I have a GOSM charcoal smoker. Built like a tank. Roughly 16 inches X 16 inches. Well I have finally started to get a leak in my water pan. 13 3/4 inches from lip to lip. Need to order a replacement. I cannot find my old manual on this smoker and need a Website or phone number for any contacts with management. Thanks in advance.
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if the leak isn't too what i have done in the past
get some high temp caulk, and just seal up the least till you can get a replacement found
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I have a propane fired GOSM so the file would not be much use to you. However, I found a phone number in my assembly instructions on the page listing parts. Hope you can make use of it!

CFM Home Products
2695 Meadowvale Blvd
Mississauga, Ontario L5N 8A3

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I dug out my info and little late any wayYes phone 1-800-944-8982 Monday-Friday 8:00a.m. - 6:00 p.m. EST.
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Just line it with foil and fill it with more water leaking out!
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I second what SmokeWatcher said. I use sand in the GOSM pretty much exclusively.

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Thanks guys. I will give them a call tomorrow AND pick up some of that high heat caulk also.
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JB WELD it's great stuff and will hold the heat and they have some that sets in life 15 mins too. I'd just "season" it first incase you have some burn off.
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Look in the files section of the attached link for the Yahoo group and you will find your manual.
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I agree, JB Weld is great. Do season it tho.
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I'd already thought of that. If I can't seal it, I will use it for the sand pan. There are times I want water though.
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