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Red Oak...

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Searched this forum for red oak but no matches. I have a abundance of red oak available to me. It what we use in the wood stove in the house.
Is this a good wood to smoke with? Or is white oak what I want.
We have many a camp fire in the summer sometimes using this wood. I am thinking of using it as a heat source for a smoke. Start a fire in the fire pit and shovel out the coals to put in the smoker. Would I want to use another wood for flavor? Let the opinions begin..
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Never had a bad oak. I have yet to try poison oak tho ;{)
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I checked out red oak on this site. . And they say you can use it for smoking and that it imparts more flavor, good on pork and beef. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes.

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My personal preference is hickory but red oak is great. I've used a lot of it and never been disappointed.
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There you go again....LMAOicon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif
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I have used Red Oak, stronger flavor than White Oak, not as strong as Blackjack Oak
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I use red, white, oaks all the time. I add them in with hickory very good
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Red Oak is a wonderful wood to smoke with. The butcher that makes my deer sausage uses red oak to smoke just about all of the sausage for his customers.

I use a mix of red oak, pen oak and pecan. Sometimes I just use red oak, sometimes pen oak and throw some pecan on top of what I am using. To answer the question - Yes, Red Oak is a good wood to smoke with. I have talked with some people that think red oak is some of the best wood for smoking there is.

Here is a picture of the three types of wood I use:

Pen oak, Pecan and Red Oak

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All oaks are great for cooken, pin oak is a little liter burning-less BTU.
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