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MES Question

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I have a MES with a non working digital readout and it is not covered under warranty. Has anyone ever gotten into one of these to see what I can do to get this back up and running? There are 4 small wires going up to the readout.
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I am not familiar with the MES, but there are folks around here who are. They will be along after a while. If you don't get any replies tonight, bump it up again in the morning.

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1st you might check to make sure they are all tight. Then try cleaning connections where they connect.
I would do this before I went to tearing into it.
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Thanks so far guys.
I have cleaned the connections and they are fine. I have back probed the connector on the control panel side and I have power and ground at the control panel but no lights or controls work.

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Have you checked with Materbuilt to see how much a new control panel would cost? I have heard that they have great customer service. Just a thought.

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This is the first reported failure that has been posted on SMF about a controller failure that I know of.

Doubt whether there is a fix other than replacement.
If you would report the outcome of cost and experience with Masterbuilt on this issue we would be grateful.
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I do not want to taint Masterbuilt becasue they have been more then wonderful for me. I have an extra unit that does not have a working controller on top of it. My other one is perfect. I was just hoping that I could get this other one working and have 2 smokers.
Sorry if I mislead anyone here. I did not know if anyone had tried to build a PID for a Masterbuilt or not and if they used the factory wires in it.
Again sorry I did not mean to mislead anyone becasue I think Masterbuilt is #1.
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No worries mate we understand. Can you give us a little background on the non-working MES? Like did you get it at a garage sale? Did it ever work while you had it?

There is a good chance it is merely a bad solder connection. Happens all the time with TV's.
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