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I'm back!

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Didja miss me?

sorry I haven't posted in a while/visited more often. I really haven't been in the mood to get online much less the computer itself. I've done a couple of smokes (sorry no Q-View), nothin' big just some ribs, abt's, and a few fatties.

Anyhow, I was wondering if anybody remembered where that recipe for the sweet baby ray's look alike sauce was.

Glad to be back! now I gotta toss some Anaheim's on the grill!
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Welcome back!
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welcome back..........richo101......hope i got that right........was asking after you the other day.......mite want to give him a heads up
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Welcome back!
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thanks for the warm welcome back guys.

Walking Dude, you remember what he had wanted?
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Hello Brennan, glad to see you back in the smoke ring again. I had been casually asking if anyone had heard from you, I was offline myself due to a long packing and moving experience. Lookingh forward to your threads/posts/ and Q Views whenever possible.
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was just worried after hadn't been we do for folks we missed........
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how was the move? I'm not sure I said it before but I kept an eye out for you at the salsa festival but I saw no straw hats with the chili pepper on em. plenty o straw hats though. maybe next time eh?
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Brennan, the move was a b**ch, if there is a next time, I'll just light a match and start over. At the salsa Festival I was hanging out at the beer garden quite a bit, took plenty of pics. Like you said, maybe next time. Hope you are in good shelter from these storms, take care.
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I think these winter storms took a detour around Ventura county. It rained a lot friday evening then not at all yesterday, now there's a light drizzle today. I was even able to roast me some green chili's for some green chili stew last night.

If you can afford it and don't mind people getting their hands all over your stuff, try a moving company. they get you all moved out fast.
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