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Made my first meatloaf today.

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I did my first meatloaf in the smoker today. I used Jeff's recipe. It turned out pretty good. It got alittle stronger smoke then it should have. I used hickory and maple chips. Next time I will have to try some other chips. Also I will cut out the green peppers from the recipe. They are not agreeing with my stomach. lol. But what the heck live and learn. But all and all it was good. The baked potatoes I did in the smoker were awsome. I will be doing them again sometime.


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Looks good, love some smoked meatloaf.
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Good lookin' loaf... I love the meat loaf too!! I love green peppers and they give me killer heartburn... (when i dont take my purple pill- nexium)
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Meat Loaf

I did my first meat loaf last weekend. I was not to crazy about it. all I had was mesquite. But the recipe had way to much bread crumbs in it. I like more meat . And the sauce with cumin ( although I like cumin did not compliment the meat loaf ) I believe it was an alton brown recipe ) yea live and learn. there goes two pounds of venison burger ,the dog really liked it.
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Looks good to me. Any left overs? You might could take that and throw it in chili or something. That might ease some of the smoked taste.
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Nice looking loaf... I have used the left overs and made a meat sauce for pasta...
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Few things better then smoked meatloaf. I make mine out of ground turkey and chicken and use a milder wood like apple or pecan.

Looks great and congrats on a successful smoke!
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Good stuff, huh?
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Kookie that meatloaf looks so good. mmmmmmmm
I do have a question for you. When you smoke a meatloaf do you do it in a pan, or do you do it on foil, so the smoke gets around the meat more? I love meatloaf and smoking it sounds great.
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I did it in the pan this time. Maybe next time I will try foil. You might want to ask some of the others that have done more loafs then I have. This was my first one.

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Mmmmm Kookie, that looks goooood!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks Kookie. I might try that next week-end, as I have a pork loin on the smoker now. Thanks again.
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Smoked meatloaf is great. I always love it. With a little adjustments you will too!!!!! Best of luck to you on all smokin adventures!!!!!!!
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Looks good my friend.
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Thanks everyone. Thats what I like about smoking and cooking is experimenting and finding what works good and what doesn't and then new ways to make old things new again.

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