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Gettin Started

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My name is Larry and I have just returned from a trip to the Ozarks and I noticed about every third house we passed between Charleston and Branson,Missouri Ther was a smoker in the yard and most were operating.
After tasting several different smoked meats from the area Iam ready to learn.We live in Washington State near Mt. St Helens We have plenty of fish,deer,turkey and elk so as time proceeds I will probably have plenty of Questions about this process.I have a insulated walk in cooler that I built and Iam thinking that I will convert it to the smoke house.
Waiting for reply.
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well Larry, welcome to the coolest site around. I will warn you, turn back now and save yourself from a crazy addiction to Q!

Take a minute to fill out your profile, and head over to "roll call" forum to introduce yourself, and I bet the replies will start flyin in. Have fun, keep the smoke rollin!
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Welcome to the smf. If you have any questions this is the place to find the answers. Just look around and if you can't find it, just ask, someone will answer you. You might want to take the 5 day course on here.

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Welcome Larry,hope you enjoy yourself here.I hope you liked your visit to the Ozarks,I live about 70 miles from Branson.There are lots of smokers in this part of the country which is a good thing.
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Hi Larry! Welcome to SMF. Glad you're with us. You're gonna learn the best way to smoke and meet some great people here. When you have questions pick the proper category and ask away. Don't forget pics of that cooler / smoker project.
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Welcome Larry, from an old Ozark hillbilly. biggrin.gif
Starting off with a smokeHOUSE instead of a smokER! Wow!
I saw a log smokehouse in operation recently. It used one of those little boxwood stoves as a fire/smoke source. Neat.
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Welcome to SMF Larry. You might check out the 5 day ecourse. Any question you have can be answered here by alot of friendly people. You will definitly enjoy it.
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oops, we are in roll call. Me so stupid!icon_rolleyes.gif
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Welcome to SMF...
there is a ton of info on the site, start reading.
Smoke house... I could use one of them...
Washington State... Nice place... I was out there about 6 years ago and fell in LOVE with the state.
I am hoping to make the move out that way when I retire..
The MOUNTAINS out there are beautiful... I could not take my eyes off them. I was in Tacoma and Seattle for a couple weeks...
I will say the Chinese food out their SUCKS.. and No Dunkin Donuts??
Bacon egg and cheese on a hard roll was no where to be found??
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Welcome to the SMF, you will find all your answers here to get you on your way.
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Come on in... get comfy... you'll probably be here a while... This is the place to smoke!! Lots of friendly folks to help you get you journey started!! The 5 day ecourse is a good place to start! and its free!!
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Itfitz welcome to smf and remember ther are no STUPID QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome to the SMF from Florida
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Welcome to the site. Look forward to some pics of that smoker.
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Welcome to the forum Larry!smile.gif
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Welcome to SMF! Enjoy the forums!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be.
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