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crowding on the ribs!

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last week, someone posted about rib racks,I was doing 6 slabs that day, and took a few pics of what I do to get that many on my pit along with fatties ect.
Here is a pic of 6 slabs/racks in a rib rack holder, the ends are loose and floppy so I usually just "peg em" with wooden skewers.

and another view

these woked pretty good, but I will also roll them and skewer. I think that 6 is too many for this application, and next time I will roll 2 and rack 4 instead. These ribs were good and tasty, but took a little longer than usual. Here is the end result, no foiling this smoke.
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Looks wonderful! Good idea with the skewers.
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Those look damn tasty. I have to try some of those sometime. Keep up the q-****.

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Looks good..and I am already hungry.
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Looks good, I'm ribbin it tomorrow, can't wait.
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Thanks for the kudos, those are baby backs(nice and big ones to boot), and they were on sale for 2.99 a lb. Usually 5-6 bucks a lb around here.icon_razz.gif
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Looks good! I haven't done ribs in a couple of months, I think that it is time for a treat!
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Capt. Man they look GOOD!!!! I also use a rib rack sometimes and really don't have any problem with them, other then trying to get them out at foil time. OUCH!!!! But if they come out looking like your's did, I'd be happy as hell. THEY LOOK GREAT!!
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Capt Dan, man you're makin me hungry! Looks like some yummy ribs.
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Nice SMOKE!!!
Nice looking ribs... where did you get the rib rack??
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I got it at lowes, it is made by weber and its called a rib rack w/ potato tines, I think. It was 6-7 bucks back when I bought it 8 yrs ago. Back when I tried to do ribs on the grill. Threw away alot of ribs back then!icon_cry.gif

I haven't thrown away any meats since I joined this place, but I sure do buy alot more now!PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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Them ribs look GOOOOODDD!!! i love me some ribs!
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That is good looking meat
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Capt Dan, I noticed in the bottom of your smoker it appears you may have one of those convection plates...if so how does it work. I noticed a post on another website that says this helps equalize the heat in CharBroil smokers. I have a CharBroil and have made baffles and tuning plates and still have a pretty big spread from the heat end the other like 20 degress. By the way...great lookin ribs.
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Great smoke Dan! The ribs look perfect. Again excellent job.
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Yes they are plates that I made myself out of sheet steel, thin stuff like.020, I bent them in a [ shape, but laying down and drilled 1/2 inch holes every 4 inches square, then one the next plate I bent the same shape and drilled 3/4 inch holes ever 3 inches square, then after that you can barely see my water pan which is a rectangle baking pan with 2 inch sides that I fill with 3 liters of hot water when I get my coals just where I want them. I also have a 3 inch wide baffle plate that comes out of the fire box, it is attached to the bend at the exit of the firebox, on the smoking chamber side. It is just a cookie sheet that I cut a 3 inch swath off of one end, I left the ridge and bends on it to help deflect the heat down and away . The tuning plates but right up to the bottom edge of the baffle. This seams to work pretty good for me. I got all these great tips from the helpfull folks on this site. It has made my smoker very user friendly compaired to what it was. Extending my stack/vent down to within 1/2 inch of the cooking grate also helped. Lump charcoal, and my maverick ET-73 digital therm, are about the only other tips I can offer.
I hope this helps. If you need any further help, let me know, or PM me.
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Thank you it does...I've done some of the same things except the drilling of the holes. I'll give that a try.
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Good looking grub Dan! I didn't even notice the skewers......I had my eyes glued to the ribs. biggrin.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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