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turkey meatloaves

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A question for those of you whom have succesfully smoked meatloaves. I will be smoking 8-12 for sunday brunch 10-12 4 0z servings each. I wont have the time to fully cook them for lack of smoker room. My plan is to give each batch 1 hour of smoke then into the oven to finish. Will I get good results like this? I hour of smoke is enough to penetrate the loaves fully?

Ps i dont anticipate the smoker temps rising above 220 at anypart of the smoke, infact ill be lucky to get that. What do you think?
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Do you have time to do a test run on 1 to see how it comes out?

I would think that 1 hour is not long enough to get full penetration. Even after a full smoke I don't think it will not penetrate all the way through the loaf. You will have some smoke flavor after an hour, just not all the way through.
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As Seaham said it will have some smoked flavor after an hour. You just won't get the full affect. If you don't have time for a test run as stated, throw it on anyway. A little smoke is better than none.
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no, i really dont have time for a run BUT, leaning to my favor is the fact that the loaves will be onoly about 2-3inches tall at most, half sheets if you will. Perhaps this will allow for more absorbtion. As always, thanks folks.
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Will as the others stated an hour will give a nice little smoke taste,but since you only have a little time remember to not try to rush it and add too much smoke at once! A little smoke can go a long way with meatloaf in all my experiences with them. Best of luck and best wishes on all your smokin endeavors!!!!!
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