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Pulled Pork

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I want to make pulled pork sandwiches for the playoff games today. I'm very new to the smoking thing and have seen a lot of great recipes for the finishing sauce, but as for the cut of meat (here comes the newbie in me) what exactly is a butt? Is it what we call here a rump roast?
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Butt is a pork shoulder. You may be able to find it with the bone in or boned. You may also be able to find a whole picnic which is the shoulder and the upper leg bone attached. The picnic may require a bit more trimming of skin and fat. Most butchers will know what you want if you as for a butt. I sometimes get mine at Sam's Club. Others here get them at BJ's.

Check out this link!

Hope this helps.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Meowey is 100% correct. Sometimes you may see the pork butt refered to as a Boston butt. Good like with your smoke!!

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Thanks guys! I'm off to the meat market!
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If you want them for todays game, you better look for a loin or ribs!
Butts take anywhere from 8-12 hrs, and I think they are better if rubbed the night before.
I got 2 7-8 lbers in as we speak, put them in at 7:30 now at 8:40 the IT is 75 degrees. Will try to snap a few pics!icon_lol.gif
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I agree with Capt Dan, not goign to have time to cook them for today. If your lucky they will be done at 9pm.
You can smoke them for tomorrows games....
For today some ribs, fattys, a meat loaf would be a easy quick smoke.
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As has already been stated you won't have time today to do it unless its for tommorows games.

Now as for what to look for here are some pics.. The first is a "butt" , and then whole picnic. With the picnic you can see part of the leg still attached, as well as skin still on that, that would need to be removed. The last is where they come from

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Can't see the pics... Hmmm.
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Thanks for the advice guys...although the Steelers don't play until 8:00 tonight I'm still taking your advice and doing a loin. Does it pull as well as a butt? It just so happens that I found loin on sale while getting the butt. The loin was 1.60/lb, regularly 4.00.
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Should be fixed now Rich.biggrin.gif
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Loin is not really for pulling. Doesn't have the fat make-up to allow for that. Try some fatties and abt's. They will love them and serve along with the loin.

Here are some post on loin's
Dutchs' with Mahogany Sauce

Dutchs' Sausage stuffed loin

One of Cowgirls..

You can always do your own thing as well.
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You could fillet the loin for a stuffed pinwheel type roast, or just butterfly it and stuff it, both need to be tied with cooking twine. You could also just inject the loin and smoke it that way.Don't overcook it, it will be tough if you do. I would slice it though, it still makes nice samiches. Put the butt on about 12 hrs before you want to eat it. If it gets done after only 9 or 10 hrs. It will stay nice and warm in the foil wrapped with a towel, in a cooler for2-3 hrs if needed. I always rest mine for at least 1 hr, but hopefully 2!

Enjoy the game!
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Got 'em! Somehow...they look kinda familiar?! ;{)
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We started our 7 lb'er at 1pm Saturday afternoon, and it was done @ 5am Sunday. Before we injected Friday evening and soaked overnight, rubbed Sat @ 9am, put er in @ 1!
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16 hrs on a pork loin???confused.gif
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hehehe, I hope they are talkin bout a stubborn butt!

Steelers tried real hard, too bad they didn't win. Not much of a NFL fan, as I would rather watch NCAA football, but I think the Pats have the big chance for another ring this year,no matter who they play!
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Well I went with everyone's advice and did the loin instead of the butt. I used Dutch's recipe with a little variation. I rubbed with mustard and rub as per his recipe, but liked the idea of bacon to keep it moist (sort of a heat shield/flavor adder). So I did the rub thing and smoked for about an hour and a half to get the smoke flavor in the pork itself, then I wrapped the loin in bacon to lock in the moisture for the rest of the smoke. I also did Dutch's mahogany sauce and the whole thing turned out great. Thanks guys!
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