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Brinkmann vertical meat smoker

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Does anyone have/use this charcoal smoker? any goods/bads about it? found it for 185+shipping. This would be my first smoker.
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i have three of em..........i have turned out GREAT Q on em..........but they need to be modded...........

this is one link

if you have the gourmet version, let me know....i have links for that mod also..........

been using the ecb's for over 20 years..........just now got a horz. stick burner
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opps my must be talking bout summing else...........mine go for 40 bux for the ecb's........and a bit more.......65 maybe for a ecb gourmet

the 7 in 1 maybe you are talking bout?
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Although I have to admit I have never used that smoker, if I was going to get a charcoal unit in that price range, I would go with a wsm. Just out of curiosity, I did a little looking around and if I found the right smoker it looks like you can get if for cheaper if you decide to go that route.

From what I have seen and read (assuming I am looking at the right thing) I would still say go with a WSM......they are good little units and you can usually find them under $200 with a little looking. Here is a link for everything you ever wanted to know about a wsm if you aren't familiar with them.

Good luck.
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Yep, that be the one. The web site that I saw it on said 185+shipping. 129 is for sure cheaper! I will do more research on the WSM. Thank you sooo much for your input.
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I would go with FBJ on this. The WSM for the money is a better unit.
Have heard those brinks leak pretty bad.

Here is a link that will give alot of info on the WSM just scroll down to Weber.
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i was also in your boat. I picked up the WSM
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The cheapest new WSM I've seen is about $209 with free shipping. Still $40 more....I'd still go with the WSM.
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Thanks for all of your inputs. I will do a little more reserch and then "jump in with both feet".PDT_Armataz_01_26.gif
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