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When to add more wood??

I am assuming that the decision to add more wood is going to be based upon how much smoke flavor you would like to have in your food, but at what point should you add more?? I still have little whisps of smoke coming out, but it is a lot fainter than when it started. The wood is black around the outside of the branch, and the ends are starting to get ashy grey. Based on my own logic I think I would be adding more soon, but I just don't want to over power the turkey....confused.gif
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Sounds like your ready for more wood. When using my Weber Kettle I have smoke constantly thru the process and it never seems over powering but again I'm using charcoal. Popular opinion says after the meat hits the 140o mark it doesn't take in much more smoke anyway.

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Mmmmmm, Tasty

Okay, sorry for no pictures, but thank you for your input...the turkey was fabulous!!! I think I will be smoking everything that I eat. We had our dinner set for 5pm, I put the turkey in about noon, thinking if it was done early that we could keep it warm....it didn't get done until 6:15...but was it worth the wait!!! since it took longer to actually get food, my family made me cut it before I could even go grab my camera. But the skin was nice and brown, and the juices were flowing as we cut into it!!! Mmmm. Next time there will be some pictures. Let me just say, I love smoking. Next up, pork loin.

Thanks all.
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I'm glad it turned out nicely. You're hooked now!

BTW, nice 1800. I sold my '94 SE awhile back.
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Welcome to the forum wingrider!smile.gif
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