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New member here - advice needed.

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Hello all,
Just signed up and have my first question. I would like to buy a new smoker/pit. Been looking and there is so many to choose from. I have around $2,000.00 to spend but the lower the cost the better. Would use pretty much wood only, backyard use. Should I try to fine one with a rotisserie or not with one (Pro and cons). I do have a smaller smoker but ready to upgrade to something I will have for many years to come. I live in Northern California (Sacramento). Any advice is much appreciated on where and maybe model to buy.

Thanks everyone - Nick
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Welcome to the forum.

In looking to stay under 2K there are a whole bunch to choose from. I see where you say you would use pretty much wood only, that helps narrow when you say backyard use that varies a bit......just for a couple of people or for having people over (feeding like 20 or more)?

General advice is go with the largest smoking chamber you can isn't too often that you hear someone say that they wish they had a smaller smoker.

Are you willing to look at used or just new?

The more info the better
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Thanks - I have no problem buying used as long it is in good shape. Mainly be cooking for 3 or 4 people but sometimes around 12. I like to smoke brisket, ribs, pork butts, etc. I do have a decent sized backyard so space is not really an issue. Something I can move by myself if needed. I do not need any propane just wood.

Thanks again
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If you do some searching, you will find plenty of good stick burners in that range. For stuff that I have personally seen in action, I would recommend the Lang 48 patio

Although shipping to where you are may kill that. Fits what you are looking for IMO.

Good luck with the search and decision.
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Thanks Joe,
What about have a vertical smoke box on the side or rotisserie in the smoke box, is it really needed?
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Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be. With that kind of budget you have many options. Do some research here about members different smokers and then see which meets your needs. Google meat smokers and see what you come up with. Good luck!
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The veritcal smoke box on the side is often just used to keep items warm and not really cook, although some have been modified/built to add increase cooking area........for what the volume/amount of use you mentioned, I would not bother with it personally.

Rotiesserie...........well, I never saw the big deal with them, but if you want one, more power to you. Should not add that much to the cost if it is something you see using.
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Welcome to the forums! You'll enjoy them.
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Check out this post for a pretty good list of who builds bbq pits;

There's a guy here in South Carolina who builds a nice charcoal cooker about the size I think your looking for for about $600. If I can find his web site or a picture of the cooker I'll pass it on. is the web site. He's working on the site but his email and phone are there if you need to contact him.
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Thanks guys - Right now kind of leaning towards the Tejas 2040cc.
Anyone here use this one?
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Get a Backwoods Party and use a Guru to Power it.

You wont be sorry you did.
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Nick sorry I can't help you out on which smoker to buy, but if you do get that Tejas one, can I come live with you. Man that a beauty, only in my dreams Bro,only in my dreams.
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Welcome to the forum Nick!smile.gif
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Welcome Nick. Another link for you to check...
Go to the buyers guide section. Click on the type of smoker you want and there is a ton of info as well as links.
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Welcome to the site. Lots of info here.

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