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Front end

Well, might as well complete this odessy. The front quarter this AM:

Short ribs and spine removed, exposing shoulder meat:

Shoulder bone in

Shoulder boned. Lookit that sucker...no wonder folks have a hard time boning shoulders. Also, notice awesome fat cap. You have the power of leaving what you like when ya cut up your own. THAT is gonna be some great pulled pork!

The small ham I'm sending to Marktee for his first run at ham curing.

A composition in pork!
Making paprika bacon- had my tastebuds jiggled by that post- outta the two hunks in the middle right, have 3 hunks for pulled, the bones for spaghetti sauce, and the skin to render for lard and cracklins, and a nice pile of sausage meat. The waste? see that little dot in the lower right? That's the yucky gland that's tucked inside the front of the shoulder.

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Looks great Rich! I hope you saved the squeal too.PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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LOL... Ummm I think they got that at the slaughterhouse? It was pretty quiet by the time I got the meat.
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UPDATE: Last app of cure

Applied last dose of cure to the 16 Lb'er this AM. T.Q., onion, garlic and CBP are the components I included in it. It's lookin' purty good. Gonna be a HECK of a smoke! Planning on hanging 'till Easter...IF I can wait!

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It all looks awesome Rich. So what time shall we all arrive for Easter? biggrin.gif
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