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Temps of Propane Smokers?

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With a propane smoker, what temps can you vary between? Like how low can you get the internal temp and to what high?
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With my GOSM Big Block, I can maintain 190* - 360*F (less on windy cold days, and more without the water pan).
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with my smokevault i can easaly maintain 130-350PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif
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Thread Starter this with a propane Smoke Vault? Which size, 18" or 24".
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With my GOSM I have had mine as low as 140, it may go lower, I'm not sure how high it will go I've had it up around 360, and that was on a little higher the medium the dial. Of course that was also in the summer.
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You can install on almost any gasser a needle valve, it will let you regulate temp's more precisely than with your stock valve.
Some unit's come with these, some don't! wink.gif
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Thanks, were do you get a needle valve? Do you install it on the burner end?
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my smv is a 24''cool.gif
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Try this site , I found it on one of brutha Squeezey's posts , they should have what you need ?

hope this helps , Tim.
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I appreciate everyones suggestions. I am looking for one that will go as low as 125 - 130 area and up high enough to cook on. I may be looking at the smoke vault. Any suggestions as to which one anyone thinks is best?
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I have the smoke vault and like it a lot. I have gotten it as low as 95 degrees on a cold (35 degrees) day. You can also shut the gas off and just use a piece or two of charcoal in the wood tray for a lower temperature.
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Thanks Ron50, how high will it go? Which size do you have?
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Also, has anyone had any luck with a great smokey smoker at keeping the temps as low as 130?
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I'm just seasoning ny GOSM big block and decided to note the temp difference within the cabinet. The smoker had nothing in it but the hardware. All therms were tested true. With the control knob on high, The top therm read 200, middle 250, bottom 300, when the bottom therm hit 400, I set the control knob to low. When it settled down, bottom was at 250, middle 225. and top at 200. That's when I added a little hickory and mesquite. I took a pic just for reference. Hopefully this will give me a chance to smoke some items at different temps at the same time. I HOPE!
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I have the 24" CCSV.

I have had it over 350 degrees. Not many reasons to get it higher then that and the manufacturer doesn't recommend it.
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Well, heck, with 50° delta T, sounds like that's a good possibility, Pepper Dude! Cool!
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