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You all made me do it... Prime Rib

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The wife got tired of me saying "I got to try a prime rib soon"
She picked up a 3lber yesterday and I dug out the smoker today and fired it up. Its a nice 37 here and the snow stopped at noon.
We also had Filet Mignon and King crab legs for New Years eve, had 2 left over FM that I tossed on with the PR.
Put everything on at 3pm.
Just salt and pepper on the PR and on the FM I used some Garlic and Emeralds.

Hard to tell if you have TBS... Its puffing away with NO wood on it..
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I'm curious about the Filet Mignon ... what is your finish temp?
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Ok 1 hr 10 min and the Mignon is done.. Man is this GOOD!!!
The wife likes it rare and thats what it is... 139. Super tender and great smoke flavor.
I wrapped it and I'm letting mine rest a while.
I missed my Smoker :'(
Prime Rib is at 100 at this time.. I think I'll pull it at 140.

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Guess I'm gonna have to try a Filet that way some time for sure ...
On the prime rib ... might be better to take it off at 135º ... it'll likely climb to 140º while resting.
Steaks look great ... thanks for sharing!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Man that PR looks good, looking forward to the Qview. would get up and make a sandwich from last nights left overs but tech just tied UVA with 225 left
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Will that get me a Med- Med rare PR if I pull at 135??
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135º is rare, 140º is med. rare, 145º is pushing your luck, and 150º is for gramma & gramps! biggrin.gif
Hope that helps ...
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Sorry had to finish that game, Red Raiders came back and won in last 7 seconds by a field goal. I pulled the one I made yesterday at 130 and tented it and it still rose to 140. Just depends on how your taste but pulling and tenting @130 kept mine on the high side of med rare and the ends a solid med.
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Thanks ... its 132 now, I'll pull at 135 and wrap in foil for a while. I have some King Crab legs to cook while the meat rests..

thanks again.
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Seaham that is some good looking grub you got going on. It's makin me wanna take a bite out of the monitor. Thanks for sharing.. looking forward to more pics
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I was going to do one of those. Then I checked the price. PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
I could buy a lot of chrome for the bike for that!
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Ok I'm not joking here!!! This by far is the BEST meat I have Smoked to date..
I am not sure which I liked better... The Prime Rib or Mignon.. They are Fantastic....
Pulled the PR at 137 and it was cooked to perfection... A nice Med Rare.

First pic is about 1 hr into smoke.

Now the PR

Dinner is served, Surf and Turf... Man I'm Fat, Dumb and Happy right now... I am relaxing now Sucking down a Vodka and 7. That may have beed better then Sex??? Ok, it was a close 2nd.. :D
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Nice lookin meal.
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That looks great, i will have to try a filet, how did you do the crab legs?
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Not in the smoker... Steamed/boiled in a large pan..
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Wow looks like you did an awesome job!! Sorry, gotta run... my Beefaroni's done!
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Very nice! when we smoke prime rib we shoot for an internal temp between 135-140. Figure if someone wants to ruin a perfectly good piece of meat they can place there's on a plate and put it under the broiler until its done to there liking PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks like good eats for sure Seaham.....Well done!!
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Good looking grub.

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Thanks all..

Had left overs today, they were as good as yesterdays...
The FM was super today..
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