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Q-view of 1st smoke on my new stumps

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Smoked 1/2 a porkloin using Dutch's Mahogany sauce and a whole chicken beer can style last Sunday. I used my new Stump's Elite 4 smoker. Outside temp was mid 20's, but sunny, so not to bad.

Pict. 1. The meat ready for the smoker. Brined the chicken overnight and rubbed them both real good.
Pict. 2. Just mopped the loin with sauce.
Pict. 3. Finished loin - temp 155 - wrapped in aluminum and a towel to let rest in a cooler for about an hour.
Pict. 4. Chicken cooked to 170.

Part 2 coming up.
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Part 2

Pict. 5. The loin and chicken ready for the table.
Pict. 6. Dutch's wicked baked beans
Pict. 7. The meal - forgot to include the cheesy potatoes.

Everything was soooo good. Dutch thank you for posting those receipes. We did add a tablespoon of worchesrter and about 2 shots of blackberry brandy to the beans. Man those are good.

Can't wait for the next smoke.
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Congrats on an excellent smoke! Well doneicon_exclaim.gif
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Looks good

Foozer looking tasty!!!!!!!!!!!Good Job!!!!!!!!!!!!
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looks great! Job well done!!
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Wow! You sure got a purty roast! Good job!
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Excellent job, and nice pix too.. POINTS!
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Great work, thanks for the pics
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How you liking that Stumps? biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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Looks good enough to eat!!biggrin.gif
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Great looking feast Foozer!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hey FBJ,

The stumps is a smoking machine. I use a Maverick wireless thermometer that transmits food temp and cook chamber temperature so I don't have to keep babysitting it. But, I couldn't help myself, I found myself continually checking it to make sure everything was OK. It will take a while to overcome that habit that I developed because I my leaky ECB.

One big reason I got the stumps was so my wife & I could play golf at our local golf club a mile down the road and have the smoker going while we are golfing. With this thing I can basically set it and forget it for a period of time. I plan to get a stoker so each time up by the clubhouse I can log into the stoker from the clubs computer and check how things are going. Now if we could just get rid of all this white stuff on the ground.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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nice looking smoke there foozer..........

that beer mug ALMOST looks like the OLD glasses at the broken arrow in polk city, YEARS ago.......heheeh

only those didn't have handles.........
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Hey WalkingDude,

The Broken Arrowcool.gif . Man that brings back some memories from about (Jees do I really want to say?) from about icon_redface.gif 30 years ago. Used to hang out there once in a while.
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early to mid 70's for me
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Great looking smoke..
What was in the beer can? Just beer??
This is on my list of things to smoke this year..
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Yeah, I went through the same thing with mine..........felt like you had to constantly check........only to find everything was fine. I know I have gotten spoiled now. They are great cooking machines.biggrin.gif
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