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Cure - tenderizer?

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At the local grocery store all they have is McCormick Meat tenderizer. Will that work in place of instacure, prague powder, or morton tender quick?
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Do not be deceived! "Tenderquick" has nothing whatsoever to do with tenderizers. Morton's messed up with that name. TQ is a CURE, not a tenderizer.
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Where do most people get their cures? Online? Butchers?
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None to be had local around here.
Check this site

or this
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Better to try a Butcher supply...they usually have all the spices required least in our area.
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Try mortons product locator.
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I go through allot of tender quick. I just buy from whatever grocery store I'm in at the time of need. Speaking of wich I need to pick some more.
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Thanks for the tip on the product locator, but nothing within 50 miles.
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Order from Morton's
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Found some tenderquick at a local butcher shop. Now I can make my shoulder bacon. Thanks for the tips.
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