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First prime rib

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OK, here we go. New Years Eve and startin up my first prime rib on the MEB. 5.5 lb rub with salt and course ground black pepper, up to room temp and into smoker at about 1100 am. Gonna try some qview, bear with me. Serving late this afternoon for New Years and my anniversary. Brother and sister-in-law coming over to help ring in 2008. More to follow
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Of course I will beer with you !!! Looking forward to pics.
Enjoy the prime rib and enjoy your annivarsary and new years eve !!!
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I am looking forward to pics too. I have a 7 lbs rib roast (Choice not prime) I am going to do in my Bradley tomorrow. This is also my first time trying this. I used a recipe I found on the web, it used salt, garlic,black pepper, thyme, and olive oil. I put it on the roast Sunday, and it is in the fridge waiting. Can't wait to give this a try.

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think I'm figuring it out, if all else fails, read the directions

again and again and again
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Sorry about stretching the post left to right, anyone with info on how to just post the thumbnails?
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Looks great, you super sized that meal !!!
Might wanto to try a 600X800 format, for web posting. Looks darn good though !!!
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never seen a prime rib with netting before........but the seasoning looks good..........good luck..........

i will post a link to get these pics down to size for you.........pigcicles and meowy helped me to learn how........

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Walking Dude
Wife and I purchase the netting in bulk, helps keep a roast, turkey, chicken, etc. together in one peice and works great for hanging to smoke.
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lawdog........here's the link


mossy...........every prime rib i have had.........didn't NEED to be held together..........its a large chunk of meat..........i understand, like for a boneless butt........or a rolled roast............
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Yum! Hurry
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ok this PM is cooking alot quicker than I anticipated almost 3 hours, started @275 droped to 220 after 1st hour, now i am sitting @ 109 internal temp. Any advice on how to keep it low until about 500 pm, i want to pull and tent @ 130 internal? Man I hope I don't screw this one up.
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Last two prime ribs I have smoked I brought to 150º and refridgerated for 2 and 3 days then heated back up with it tented and they were excellent. The first one I did was a test prime rib for X-Mas knowing for X-mas the time I had to smoke was only on Sunday and serving was not until Tuesday. The pre X-mas test and the X-mas prime rib were great.
For you just to put the temp at a low setting for a few hours should be just fine.
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That's what I did, let it hang around 111 from 200 till 345 and have cranked it back up. Glad to hear that has worked for somebody. I let you know my results.
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just came of the smoker about 450 pm internal temp 130, gonna tent and follow up later

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nice dude.......congrats...........

but....on a side note.....please tell me thats not a kink in that temp cord?

still nice.......make sure to take pics when sliced
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Congrats. Lets see it sliced,mmmm.
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no kink, just havent had thermometer to long, the cord still curls from the way it was packaged , but it did make me get up, go back and look again.
what will a kink do anyway, break the wires inside? Thanks for watching out though
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kinks are bad in the wire........bad.........
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Geez, I can not stand the suspense; lawdog is eating and we have to wait for pic's till he is done !!!
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not eating yet, I should have factored in my in-laws ever constant need to be late, I promise I will get more Qview of the slicing and all. After tenting it rose to 140, and has dropped and is staying right at 137. They better hurry or theyare gonna be eating th leftovers.
More to follow
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