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Rib Time

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I am going to smoke some ribs today. I will start producing Q View after I get the beer on ice and they have sat for a few after exiting the fridge. Got some errands to run first though.....
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Mmmmm, I loves me some ribs. What kind you doing? Will be waiting for the Q-vue.
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waiting to get off work so I can swing by BJ's and pick up some ribs. Thanks for reminding me. Can't wait for Q view.
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They are Smithfield pork loin back ribs. That's what they had when I went grocery shopping so that's what I got. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Tomorrow I am going to do a drunken chicken or two on the grill. One of my favs!

After getting out of the fridge, vacumm sealed overnight.....

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Yummy, those look good already. Can't wait to see the results.
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They've been on for two hours now; time to wrap 'em in foil for a couple more.

Upper Deck:

Lower Deck:

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Sure looking good Tom O.!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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More pics! More pics!biggrin.gif
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Those ribs are looking tasty already.
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Tom. I just got a gourmet electric too. Havent done anything too serious on it yet, just some sausages and chicken. Did u make any mods to yours? What are your temps inside the smoker, and the outside temp? just trying to get some ideas on the mods for mine.
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Thank you

You got it!

Thank you.

No mods to the smoker so far. I put a thermometer that was used for frying wings in the top last week when I was smoking a Boston Butt just to get an idea of where the temps were. Obviously nothing scientific here; I just stuck it on the inside the hood and made sure it wasn't resting on the rack and it sat around 235-240 most of the time.

Here are pics after 2 hours in the foil:

Time to put the sauce on there for "The Boss" during the next hour.

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Man those will be gone before I can get there. Looks good!
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Probably will be. "The Boss" loves em and for me that is all that matters!

Almost time to post up the finished product.

More Q View in a few.
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All done. Couldn't ask for more. Meat literally feel off the bone while eating (almost couldn't get it off the grate). Bark was still prominent (thank you smoke gods). All in all I am finally happy with the way the meat turned out. Now it's time to center in on a rub a sauce recipe for my wife. She loves the one I am doing now but you know how it goes.... it's never enough!
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Looks like my server is having a spaz again. I will try again later to post the final pic.
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Bleggg :-( still having issues....... :-(
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