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Using Charcoal Briquettes with your Camp Oven

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Here is a link to the Camp Chef site on how many briquettes to use with your Camp Dutch Oven. Keep in mind that these charts are basically based on cooking at sea level. The higher you go in elevation the longer the cooking time. One way to get around the time issue is to increase the amount of briquettes used-this is where the learning curve comes into play.

The charts listed are for Camp Chef Dutch Ovens (chart #1) and Lodge Dutch Ovens (chart #2). The Lodge ovens (12 inchs and up) are heavier than their Camp Chef counterparts The smaller ovens (8 in. & 10 in) are very close to the same weight and use the same amount of briquettes.

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Dutch thanks.. I have been wanting to put a chart like this in my camper. we use a dutch oven but I always forget how much to use. I usually end up turning my stuff a little darker than I like... lol... Again thanks...
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Camp Chef is a real customer oriented company! Thanks for the chart. When ever I use my Dutch ovens, I use the 2/3rds rule, no charts and its real easy.I use this formula when teaching classes and it's pretty accurate for a 350 degree oven. to increase the temperature each briquette adds about 10 degrees. follow the same for decreasing the temperature.
The 2/3rds rule is not based on fractions of any number of coals. But, is short hand for figuring out how many coals to use for a 350o to 375o oven. Take the diameter of the oven for the bottom coals and subtract 2. So, if you have a 12†oven, take the diameter (12â€), subtract 2 (10 coals). That’s the 2 in the 2/3rds rule. For figuring the number of coals for the top heat, again take the diameter of the oven and add 3. So, if you have a 12†oven, take the diameter (12â€) and add 3 (15 coals). That’s the 3 in the 2/3rds rule. This rule works for any sized oven from 8†to 16â€.

BTW: are you going to the National DOG in Arizona in October? I'll be teaching several classes which are all free.
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Dutch , the Camp oven website has changed a bit and I cannot find the charts. Found this on another website, it fits exactly with what ncdoDave's formula says. His 2/3 rule works very well.

8" oven - 10-11 coals on top/ 5-6 coals on bottom
10" oven - 13 coals on top/ 7 on bottom
12" oven - 15 on top/ 9 on bottom
14" oven - 17 on top/ 11 on bottom
16" oven - 19 on top/ 13 on bottom
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I was looking for just this info a few days ago myself, as I've had a LARGE Camp Chef DO I never use cuz it doesn't fit anywhere. What I found as a starting point is Diameter X 2 is total coals for approx. 350, 1/3 under 2/3 on top. I've been threatening to get a rump roast to try this out on. I've got a new trivet for the bottom of the DO, I had to buy a lid lifter cuz mine was on clearance @ Sam's without one, and I can cook in the Weber or on the Driveway pan I bought.
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Here is some information I posted a while back in another thread...
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I also use the 2/3 rules, works great for me.

There is more info you need though - the 2/3 rule as described by ncodave is for roasting. If you want to simmer (stew or chili), put 66% (aka 2/3) of the briquettes under the oven. If you want to bake, put 2/3 of them on the top. The total # of briquettes to use is the same for roasting, simmering, or baking. Works for me - maybe because its real simple. :)
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