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Has anyone tried smoking with Ash? If so, what is your opinion on it? The reason I am asking is, I this year cut down 30 Ash trees to burn in the fireplace. Therefore I have an abundance of Ash. Any feedback would be great.

Thanks...... Andy.
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Never used it but check out this link..
Gives you a little explainations about the woods and what it goes good with.
Hope this helps
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Thanks ds, I'll check it out.
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Package, market and sell it! If it hasn't all been cut into firewood, look into selling some as timber, baseball bat blanks or flooring.

My thoughts are that I personally couldn't use 30 trees worth of wood from one batch before it went bad. (I have been wrong more than once though)

I have no objection to just about any hardwood smoke, but I do have a preference for Hickory. (I hope that you have a liking for Ash, if not I suspect that you may develope oneicon_wink.gif ) Alot of folks mix their woods as they smoke so you could also use it in a mix to kind of strech things out if you are afraid that you will run out soonicon_lol.gif
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Thanks Zapper.
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We have a "Woods for Smoking" thread that is a sticky in this very forum. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ead.php?t=1034
The list states that Ash is a fast burner so you might go through more of it when compared to an equal amount of denser hard wood.
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Let us know how it smokes and tastes.

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pro..........my buddy cut down a HUGE ash tree.........so at the moment i have one pickup load full in my yard...........with at LEAST two more pickup loads to go......but that will have to wait till spring.......

so you and i can BOTH give our opinions on using ash.........tho i don't understand why it wuld burn faster than other hard woods.......i mean.......they make BASEBALL bats outta this stuff.......and from what my buddy told me.......it was a son of a gun, to cut down.........HARD
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