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First meatloaf and ABTS!

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Guys, let me tell you, I have never had a smoked meatloaf nor smoked ABT's. WOW!!! is all I can say. When I first told my wife that I was going to smoke a loaf, she cringed. But, after finishing it, she was hooked. She added her little touch of parm cheese at the end and it was fantastic! The ABTS, well, what can I say, they are always awesome and even better in the smoker! The big one you see is the leftover cream/pepper cheese and the renainder of the red pepper from the meatloaf. A great twist!!
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Looks Great, can't beat a smoked meatloaf.
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Looks great! The possibilities with meatloaf are endless.
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Great looking loaf and atbs. I have yet to try them but will soon.
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Looks great. Smoked meatloaf is very addicting!
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Got to love meat loaf... Quick and easy smoke and it tastes great...
Nice Smoke..
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looks good .another on the list of have toosicon_biggrin.gif
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Damn Right! Just follow Jeff's recipe and make your own additions and DAMN! You have a fine loaf of meat!
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Looks like good eats. I have to try both sometime.

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Congrats on winning the wife over to smoked meat loaf, it's hard to beat ABT's for snackin', but then it's all good my friend!
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Nice lookin smoke! Smoked meat loaf is the best!
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Good Job!!! Nice Q-view
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Looks great man. I have yet to do a meatloaf, but one day.
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The only lesson learned for me was that I need to get some sort of tray with holes to smoke it on. As it was, I created a triple layer of foil to line the middle of the smoke rack to hold the loaf and just poked holes in it for smoke penetration.
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Looks good. I love smoked meatloaf, but the wife doesn't like it. I need to do one just for me.
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Mmmm! Looks good brentman! You're making me hungry.biggrin.gif
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Very nice Q's. My wife was the same way. She cringed when I told here and loved it when I made it. I'll let her make up the next one.
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