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Thank you Richtee. Sorry that Glue isn't around anymore.
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Oh my gosh! Well done
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Ummm.. where's glue?
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PM Sent...
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First off let me say wife walked in and caught me licking the monitor!!! lol French Dip is one of my top 5 Foods i am excited to try this one out my question said............................................. " Place it in aluminum pan and add 3 cups of Au Jus (1pk McCormick's)"

now is that McCormicks Au Jus mix or what my experience with powder mixes is they only make about 1 cup per pack so i am not sure what you are talking about with the Au Jus and Mc Cormicks
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I believe that's the Mcormics aus jus powder . Pkg says add 3 cups water and simmer .
For clarification though , the roast goes in the pan after about a hour to save the drippings from the meat , after the meat is cooked add the drippings to the aus jus mix.

I tried adding the aus jus while the roast was cooking , didn't work too great PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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Wow! That looks good. I've been meaning to make some dips with a brisket recently. Doing one for next week. Will have ot make dip sammies for sure! You got me hungry now. Great Qview!

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I seriously need to stop reading this site before lunch. Especially on a day I'm working from home and the only thing in the house to eat is Baloney.
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As Darren McGavin once said, "Its indescribably beautiful".
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I've done the French Dip before and it was delicious. I have found that the best cut of roast to use is the "Chuck Tender Roast" and it will come off of the smoker at 145-150 degrees internal. My wife requested I do one this week end to take with us camping. You simply cannot go wrong making this. Just follow the directions. It is simple yet fantastic.
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Looks Great! Chucks are the bomb!(the thicker the better) I was looking at one this P.M. for Sunday. Smoked one a few weeks ago and look foward to the next.

I have a beer can chicken going, just wanted to see what was going on!

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