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Pork butt doesn't plateau?

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I had two pork butts on my MES. I smoked them at about 240 degrees. I just pulled one at 175 to slice. The other will come off at 200 to pull.

The first one never hit a plateau. The second one is at 175 and slowly climbing. Do all pork butts hit a plateau? Did I do something wrong? It seems like a pretty simple process. icon_rolleyes.gif
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I have had more than one plateau before with the same peice of meat. I have seen plateaus in 170-175°F range many times with pork butts.
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Some do
Some don't
Some will
Some won't
As soon as you think it won't, it will and vice versa cool.gif
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All mine have, maybe I'm due one that doesn'tPDT_Armataz_01_10.gif
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I took one of the smoker at 175 because I'm going to slice it. Is it ok even if it didn't reach a plateau?
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John you didn't do any thing wrong. Sometimes they won't there's no real way of telling if they will or if they won't.The same way you won't know at what temp. they will or for how long. If you want to slice one you did great. If you want to pull the other one, hang on you're doing good. Don't give up or up the heat. Just sit back and watch the thermometer. It may be a while. You can never know how long it'll sit there.
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Thanks for the info. I'm just watching the thermometer. PDT_Armataz_01_20.gif
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John I had one plateau for 4 hours, another one fo 2 hours, so there's no real way of saying how long. Whedn mine start to plateau for a long time and it's getting late, into the oven they go. Set the alarm on the thermometer for 200, and just watch tv. They're not going to take anymore smoke, and I say why waste the propane. But then again I live in the city, it's not really safe to be out after dark LOL.
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Mine is at 195 now. It started smoking about 1:30 and it's almost 8:30. I read where it takes 1 1/2 hour per pound. The pork butt is five pounds, so that would be pretty accurate. Approximately seven hours.
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Im going to ask A dumb question, why must you cook longer if your going to pull oppossed to sliceing
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You are doing great just hang in there.


If you tried to pull the pork at a lower temperature the fibers of the meat haven't broken down enough and you would have quite a struggle.
To pull it easily you need an internal temp of 195-205. You have to cook it through doneness!
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Oh, and it's isnt a dumb question. :)
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thanks ill have to try that
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I have one pork butt that's in the cooler wrapped in foil and a towel. Would it be ok to put the cooler in the fridge in about an hour and slice it in the morning?
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That would be finem, but, if it is wrapped in a towel and insulated good, I would just leave it and slice right out of the towel...
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And not put it in the fridge? Would it be good and safe to eat if I left it in the cooler wrapped in foil and towel for about 12 hours?
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The meat will still take smoke flavor the whole time it is in smoke. The smoke ring stops forming after the meat hits ~140°. I usually have mine in smoke for the whole cook, as I like a really smokey flavor. If you don't like a heavy smokey flavor, then take it out by all means.
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