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How long "on the smoke"

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I've got two whole chickens in the smoker(propane) right now. It's been 1 hr. and 45 min. and the wood has burned out. Do I add more and continue the smoke, or should I just let the heat do the rest? How long do you actually put smoke to the birds normally? This is my 1st smoke. Thanks!
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Ilike to add smoke untill I get a good dark golden brown
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I agree...BUT what kind of wood ya sporting?
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Hickory...that OK?
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Hickory is strong among smoking woods. It's my suggestion to gowith heat for a while, then add a SMALL amount more. What temp internal now?
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When using hickory you want to smoke as much, Go with a lighter color
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Haven't checked internal yet. Both birds are close to 4 lbs. so I figured I have awhile yet. Bad move?
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There is nothing like a fine peice of hickory, but I would probably back off the smoke for now. Hickory tends to have a little stronger taste to it than other woods and since this is your first smoke maybe taste what you have and if you want stronger hickory taste, smoke longer next time. It is all personal preference.
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I like my birds done over apple, give it a try next time
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