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smoking whole hog

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Hi and thanks to those who replied to my needy question. Have a Smokey Mnt Great Outdoors propane smoker. We have an approx 80lb butchered hog to cook on sunday, for my nephew's coming home party. Am a great cook, but have never cooked a hog. Have no idea how long or temp to cook it. Would love for it to turned out great. Thanks for all help
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I don't think yer gonna be able to do an 80 Lb pig in that... In chunks over a couple days maybe...

You are most likely looking to build a pit. Cowgirl's well documented work will be invaluable.
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I agree with Rich about the size of the cooker, you will probably have to cut the pig up.
If you are interested in the cinder block method, I'd be glad to help you.
It's not complicated...after you get it set up, you add coals every hour at each end to keep the pig cooking low and slow.
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the last whole hog i did.......i had to rent a unit big enuff to hold it........100 lbs butchered.........took over 20 hours to cook..........charchol......rotating unit.........

curlygirl does em quiet well..........but you are still looking at a long cook.......
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The hog is cut up already and he wants to smoke it by sunday 2pm
all in a GOSM.
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