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smokin whole hog

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Hello, Need some help smoking a 80lb butchered hog. Have never done this and need help asap. We are doing this for a sunday family gathering for my nephew, home from army. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Head over to the Roll Call Forum and fill us in with some info. We have no idea of your smoker, location, experience, or resources. An answer cannot be given without some data...

Welcome, and help us help you!
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Cowgirl had a post here about smoking a whole hog, she just sent me a link to it, let me see if I can find it.
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The cinder block method is the easiest for a pig that size. (if you do not have a cooker.)

Takes 30 cinder blocks, a grate and some tin for a lid.
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That Cowgirl can smoke them hogs!!
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When I can fit them into my pipe.biggrin.gif
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What octshake was trying to say is she has a whole hog's worth of meat=80lbs to smoke in GOSM by sunday @ 2pm.
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In that case I'd treat each piece individually, your favorite rub for the ribs, bacon on the loins, etc.. Smoke as much of the meat as you can get into the GOSM.
I'm not sure how much a GOSM will hold.
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me sorry also........but would of been nice to be told that first............
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No doubt is this one courages! First time smoke with 80lbs of meat!

I tried to cover everything I could in chat but I know I overlooked something. Hopefully she will post what she learned and and what is planned so others can help.

I think she's seasoning the GOSM right now.

Gook luck I hope this works out for you, Please take some pics to show us!!!!!
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wow............80 lbs of meat for the FIRST TIME???????

how many digi's therms she got?

she doing ribs.......butts.......hams the same time?

or is this 80 lbs of butts......or at least the same kinda meat>?
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Yeh Buddy!!...
...Go Team Go..PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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smoking whole hog

A big TY to all for your help. Especially u2 guys in the chat room. Smoker is seasoned, have a good rub recipe, apple juice, some good bbq sauce, and finally a plan! TY so much, this might just work!
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This place is like Alstate "Your in good hands"
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