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Another batch of Chili Verde

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I made another batch of SoFlaQuer's Chili Verde yesterday. I used the point of the brisket I smoked Moday night. In trying to keep the heat down a bit (for the wife) I subbed a red bell pepper for the red chiles. She said it was still hot. I could not detect any heat. I have a jar of hot tabasco peppers that I keep on the table, I can eat on the side, for some heat. Oh well, I guess I will have to eat it all.
This time I put all the chiles in our blender and pulsed it to a fine chop. So much easier than dicing by hand. For the can of "hot salsa verde", I had to use medium, as Wal-Mart didn't have the hot. My wife's best frined came by yestersday, and she ate a bowl of it. She said it was good, sweet and slightly spicy. She is Hispanic, and said it wasn't really hot at all to her. She also ate two of the tabasco peppers with me.
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Sounds great Chris. I just finished off the last of a large pot I made a while a go. It's good stuff. I don't find it hot at all.
I think it's time for me to make another pot.

Any pics?
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Hey Ron. I didn't take a pic, but here is the link to the last time I made it. Looks the same. Here is the recipe, if anyone that reads this doesn't know what we are talking about. This is some good stuff.
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Mmmm, that sounds good Chris! Could you send me a bowl.biggrin.gif
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Ok the pic did me in, I need to make a batch for New Year's eve.
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Chris and Ron,
I knew there was something I needed to be making. I have made the Chili Verde before and I really think it's the best Chili to be had. I remember when Florida Jeff posted the recipe, he said that if entered into a competition, he would guarantee that it would if not win, it would at least place. He was right.
I entered a batch in a local competion and won first place. Those who haven't tried it, definitely need to. Good stuff!
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Chris that looks GREAT I have one question, I never seen Turbinado (Raw) Sugar in the stores around here. What else can I use? Also I'm not fond of beans in chile, but I guess in this case maybe, what do you think of just using pinto's instaed?
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Oh I forgot about this stuff. Now I know what Im making tomorrow with my leftover Christmas brisket. Thanks Chris. I hope mine turns out as good as yours looks.
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Sometimes it's called Demerara

If you can't find it, you can substitute brown sugar.

As far as pinto beans, you can use whatever you like. It is one of those recipes that only gets better and better as you add your own personal touch. I would also consider using more meat then the recipe calls for.
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I use more meat, and no beans. Chili is not supposed to have beans in it. At my local grocery store, the turbinado sugar (Saugar in the Raw brand) is on the top shelf, above the bagged brown sugar. I buy the big box.
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Thanks Ron, I have a ton of brown sugar. You da man Chris, You can tell you're from TX. I made chile for the guys at work once, and all they did was complained about not having any beans. Beans in chile NO WAY!!! Now I won't feel bad leaving them out. I'll try it one day next week and let ya'll know how it turned out.
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