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pork belly

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I just picked up about 3 lbs. of pork belly to test in small quantities.Can it be cured it by rubbing canning salt into it?If so how long will it take?Thanks.
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I would say yes and it should be done in a day or two depending on the thickness.

Just out of curiosity.......why just salt?
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What else should I include with the salt.I had the canning salt already and was just looking at saving a store trip.
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(in general)
Canning salt is just pure salt.It can be used in place of kosher and sea salt. It has a finer grain so when substituting with canning salt, Use 1/2 the amount.
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Add some sugar to cut the saltiness. I have used just a 50/50 mix of salt and brown sugar on more than one occassion and other than being a little bland it worked just fine.

Really you can add most anything from pepper to juniper berries to alter the flavor some. I am still in the learning stage on the bacon side, but have done several batches and am experimenting a little more each time to try to find a flavor I really like.

If it is something you are going to keep doing, I would recommend ordering some instacure/prague powder will extend the life of your bacon in the fridge.

Good luck........and even if you go straight salt, it won't kill you.......just might be saltier than you had in mind.
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I'd add some sugar or molasses or even honey. Maybe some black pepper as well. Not a necessity, just a preference.
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Thanks for the help.Do I rub it in once and leave it for the duration or apply more than once.Should it be ziplocked or open air?This is still very new to me.
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Should just rub it once and wrap it. The salt will draw the moisture out so placing it in a pan is a good idea too.
Good luck with it!
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You'll want to soak it for awhile in cold water prior to smoking it too. Takes some of the saltiness out. As a rough guide you can soak an hour or two and then pan fry a small piece you slice off and see if the level of saltiness suits you.
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I believe richtee Vac Paks his.
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I'm still wondering where you found Pork Bellies? I've been looking for them since I joined this fourm.
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Is there a specific amount of salt that needs to be used?I can't find info anywhere.
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Check your local Asian food markets.
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Smokin for life: I buy mine at Shady Maples Farm Market out near Adamstown PA.
Not too bad of a ride from Philly. They also have great prices on Brisket and Ribs, and have weekly specials on cryo's of meat.
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Just cover all sides, even press it in a bit. Think along the lines of doing a heavy rub.
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You might want to check with your favorite restaurant. I exhausted all the grocery stores here and even a butcher shop, no luck. Then I was talking with a good friend who is a local Chef here, and though to ask him about it. He typed in his computer and about 15 seconds later he told me sure, no problem. So now I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 47lbs or so of pork bellies on the way for just $53!
Just another avenue to pursue that may have been overlooked.
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I'll have to check into that. That price sure beats the $2.99 I'm paying at the Asian market.PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif
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i just posted a thread where i found bellies.......Mexican gorcers........2.09/lb
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