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I imagine our controllers are the same. I'll have to check those lights and let you know, but I think they're working like you said they should. I'm kind of aggravated with Masterbuilt right now.
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Yesterday I tried two different 'tests' with my MES. First, I set the temp to 275 with no water in the pan. in about 45-50 minutes it was at or above 275.

Next, I did the same thing, but filled the water pan at least half full. In about an hour the temp was at or above 275. The damper was open while doing this.

I'm going to try and smoke something today to see how it does. I'll preheat to 275, then add my choice of me (probably a pork butt). I hope to have a better idea of how my MES smoker is working after that. I preheated for my smokes that didn't go well, but maybe not enough.

Judging by my first two 'tests' yesterday, does it seem like it's working right?
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Are you using an extension cord? And what is the voltage?
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I'm not using an extension cord and the voltage is ok.
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This is what I did yesterday.
Today, I decided to try it again. I pre-heated to 275+ with no problem, just like yesterday. After preparing the meats (two 5 pound pork butts), I put them in. The temp dropped from 275+ to 177 while the door was open and I was putting the meat in.

The temp increased slowly until it got to about 228 or so. The damper was open. We closed the damper for a few minutes, then opened it to half. Just sprayed the meat (internal temp is about 120) and the smoker temp is at 235-240. It's been cooking for about 1 1/2 hours.

My MES temp is still set on 275, but I'm not getting anywhere near that.
It's almost 3:00 now. I'll continue to update this. I want to see if you guys think this smoker is working right or not.
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At about 3:15, temp increased to 265, so I turned it down to 240. According to the instructions I got from here, this meat needs to cook between 225-240. After setting at 240, my smoker temp dropped to 220 and was still going down.

I changed temp back to 250 and it's increasing a few degrees. As of 3:40 p.m., the smoker temp is 233.

By the way, it's about 55 degrees here and the smoker isn't getting any wind.
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It's about 5 p.m. now.

My temp has been staying around 235-240. The MES temp is about 8 degrees higher.

Just opened the door to spray with apple juice and it dropped from 235 to 190. Hopefully it will go back up quickly. Is the temp supposed to drop so far so fast? The door was only open about a minute or so. We also added a fatty.
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As far as the heat, just keep the door shut. There is nothing to stop the heat from leaving the MES when the door is open. It will take a while to get the temp up with the electric vs having a fire. I dont believe you need to spray that much (if at all) with the MES. To me, there is not much drying out if you have water in the pan ..... thats why I quit putting water in when doing jerky. Maybe just put apple juice in the h20 pan vs mopping all the time. If you have to open it and add a fatty, then sure spray real quick.

Just my experience ...... hope it helps
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Try putting the meat on a different shelf to make sure you're not blocking heat from reaching the temp sensor or the temp sensor is not picking up the temp of whatever it is you're cooking.

The heating element never stays on for more than a few minutes so the light will cycle on and off even when it's not at temp.
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Similar Issues

I recently purchased a Masterbuilt Black 30" electronic smoker. I was pursuaded to get it as opposed to a Bradley by a rep at Bass Pro Shop (even though I didnt purchase it there). My issue is that it doesnt generate smoke at temp's less than 250 degrees F. Also, for my unit I have to set the tem higher that I would expect. Currently I have to compensate using my JennAir 5 burner grill.

This is NOT why I purchased the smoker (i.e. to give relief to my grill). I was told by someone at Bass Pro Shop that this unit is sound and better than the Bradley units. However, I can't seem to get Masterbuilt to return my calls or eMails. As such I'm rethinking my purchase and what I should do.

Matt in Georgia

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Lower Temps

How does your unit operate at lower temps? I've had difficulty trying to get it to generate smoke at temp's below 180 degrees/F (for sausage).
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I recently bought a MES and have had a problem getting the temp over 230 degrees. My last discussion with the company ended with them telling me that they would need to send me a 'body kit'. The heater cannot be changed. How long have you had yours???
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Mine didn't seem to work right at first and they eventually sent me a new body kit. It may have helped some. Mine's able to cook at 250 degrees or so. I'm not sure if it will cook at 275 with meat in it. It will pre-heat to 275+ though. Most of what we cook doesn't require it to be at 275. We've done all types of pork including ribs that turn out great. I don't get the heavy bark that some get but I just thought it might be because it's an electric smoker and not cooking over wood or coals. We've done some really good eatings with the MES though.
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I just got mine last week, and I love it, a few calls to CS were handled in a professional manner. If you read the manual it states no pre heating required. That makes sense as the smoker is heating up so is the food. I haven't tried to smoke at 275 yet. To me it would be important to fill the water pan at least 1/2 3/4 full to help maintain temps when you open the door, more mass more heat retention. Just opinion.
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I would think the "volume" of meat being put in the smoker would have an affect on the internal temps of the smoker, which could be affected for quite a while. Any experts on this issue?
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I have used mine a few times but am more experienced with a propane smoker. The food cooked in the MES has a much stronger smokey flavor. How often do you add more wood when you cook with the MES?
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When it stops smoking, about 1 /2 hours so far. I am still new with this one.
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Do you keep it smoking continuously until done cooking?
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Yes, but I have only done a boneless pork loin, Fattys, and beans.
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hey ronp, just want to say howdy, i grew up in manitowish waters, vilas county, back in the late 50s and early 60s. where was your rib joint? also 2 months new to a MES here in toto land. tjw.
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