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todays smoke,q view

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did a batch of hotnspicey chedder polishi's. was a 12 lbs batchand i ended up with 64 polishes when i was done.
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Great looking sausages, you are making me hungry and I just had a bite to eat !!!
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Looks great, I know my packs in the mail for a taste testPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Bill, those look excellent! Have you posted your recipe here? I'd like to give it a try.
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Great looking smokies...I would like the recipe too. Post when you get a chance.

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Sweet! Lookin' good!

Reminds me I guess I should post a pict of the finished venison Polish I did the other day. They have been hanging for a couple days outside in the garage and I just cut 'em up...

Well done Bill!
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baisicly i havent gotten brave enough to come up with a recipie from scratch yet. but what i do is go to our local butcher and get thier basic smoked brat seasoningsand from thier i'll add crushed red pepper ,garlic and onion powder,and some italianseasonings.the batch of polish i did today was 8lbsof venison ,4 lbs of porkshoulder and 2.5 lbs of sharp chedder cheese,they turned out awsome,the cheese drips right out of them .i love iticon_mrgreen.gif i think next time i'lltry one of d'jsrecipies from scratchicon_biggrin.gif
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Thanks bill!
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Looks great.
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Thanks, i am gonna give em a try.
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