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A big hello

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Hey all, name is Tim and I'm from Mi. Just got the masterbuilt electric smoker for christmas and can't wait to get the first load in.. Always wanted to give it a try.. I'm the biggest greenhorn there is but love to try new things and any advice will be appriciated. Looks like there is a lot of experianced people on the site that I can learn from.. I hunt and fish a lot so most of the first meats will be from the wild game I was lucky enough to get this year..
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Welcome to the SMF from Lake Orion, Tim. Sign up for the 5 day ecourse on smoking, good basic stuff. Then try doing a search for what you want...chances are a post or an article here has something you are looking for. Also, there's alot of folks here with experience, and you can usually get an answer to something you need clarification or more info on pretty fast!

You'll want to wash that new machne out, spray it inside with Pam and heat it up for an hour or two, then toss in a bit of wood to get it seasoned.

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Welcome to SMF !!!
There are many MES owners here including myself and many knowledgable members hear to answer your smoking questions. I have learned quuite a bit in my short time here.
Just a friendly reminder before your first smoke, make sure and burn off the factory metal tastes and season it well with smoke; also spray the interior walls with PAM before applying the smoke. Doing this will improve the taste of your 1st smoke. Galvanized, tinny pheasant or venison sucks !!!
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Welcome to the forum Tim!smile.gif
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Welcome to the site. Nice folks and tons of info here.
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Welcome aboard! Lots of us Michaganders here!
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welcome & ya what they said and u will be off to a good smoke
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Welcome to the forum, glad that you decided to join us.
post #9 of 19 everyone has said, there's a ton of help here, just ask!!
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Welcome to SMF!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Hello everybody. I am still debating what kind of smoker to get. Leaning toward Traeger. Studied meat science in college, and from what i learned ,this might be what i will get. I Like controlling the temps of food and fire. Did you know, a Berkshire hog will have genetically the tenderest meat compared to other hogs. Has to do with a smaller muscle fiber. No , i dont breed any hogs.
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Oh Golly not another DUTCH.... LOL Welcome take pics enjoy.!!
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Welcome to SMF!
Seems like the MES is comming out of the woodworks these days!

Or would that be electricworks?icon_lol.gif
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Welcome to SMF, great bunch of people here.
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Tim welcome to smf, keep comin back for great smokin info and fun!!!!!!!!!
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I did not know this. Interesting info. I grew up on a hog farm as we had hampshire herd at first, then moved to a cross-bred herd.
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Welcome to SMF, Tim! I'm another MES user. You're gonna be happy with that smoker. It's pretty easy to use and has lots of space.
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wow...Thanks for the warm welcom...signed up for the 5 day e course yesterday...however stayed up all night still putting together my sons christmas gifts. My wife is out as we speak picking up a few things for my first batch of summer sausage and brine ingrediants for the left over salmon from this fall...Can't wait...Thanks again, I'm sure I'll have questions soon enough. Looking to do a empty smoke on sunday, and my first batch of food on Tuesday. I think I'll start w/ the salmon
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Welcome to the SMF!
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