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HI Mountain Help

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My question is concerning their "CURE"
Is the cure for the buckboard bacon the same that comes with the jerky seasonings? It sure looks the same, and the directions call for roughly the same amounts? Just want to make sure, I have quite a bit of the buckboard cure, but ran out of the jerky cure.

Thanks in advancePDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Honestly, I'd try it. sooo you end up with bacon jerky. what's the down side? LOL!
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That's fine, but how do you get those round eggs between that flat jerky?

A Hammer?????

I think it'll be fine, just trying to improvise when the stock is down, you should try and experiment.....If I live I'll report back, If not....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
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Well .... did you survive the experiment ... did ya?
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