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I was taught that by my mentor and have read it in several places. The way I tend to handle it is I pour the smoke to it up to 140ยบ, after that internal temp is met, I periodically add a chunk, but just now and then. I think it really depends on how much smoke flavor you want in your end product. As this post mentioned excessive smoke flavoring, I think this would be a good method to try and see if it helps.
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Well put flash!
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Please explain the difference between white and blue smoke? I read all the post and NOw I am confused.

So do not soak the wood or soak the wood?

Also where do you put the wood chunks at when it is time to start smoking? I have a two barrel type system Like is shown. I have two grates in my small barrel. One grate I put the Charcoal on (Bottom grate) and the the other grate I put the wood on. Is this the proper way. Or do you put the wood directly on your charcoal?

I am new and the last couple of times I smoked food it was white as a rice and plenty of it. The snack sticks turned out ok but They could always taste better if I do it correctly and use the correct smoke amount

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I believe on the WSM that you add the wood directly to the charcoal.

As far as soak or don't soak that argument is older then both of us.

I have tried it both ways, it make make a little difference but it either way the food wwill come out just fine.

Blue smoke or thin blue smoke is a barely visible very light bluish grey smoke. This is what you want. it means the wood is burning correctly and the smoke is flavoring the meat. Look at the photo on the first page of this post with the two smokers. See the one on the right how the smoke is thinner and has a bluish tinge? The smoker on the left has thick white billowy smoke, something you want to avoid.

Thick white or billowing smoke usually means you are burning too much wood or the fire is not getting enough oxygen causing the wood to burn incompletely and releasing nasty particles of combustion called creosote which can deposit itself on your food, rendering it bitter and ruining the meat.
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throw that soaked wood chunks right on the charcoal. And you want your smoke to look like the one on the right. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif

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